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The Sunday Class
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William Williamson with Martainn Skene These songs have been William’s “companions” on a career as a choral conductor, theatre musical director and solo performer and he is accompanied by Martainn Skene. Both William and Martainn have a Classical and Traditional Scottish music background - William, from Dumfriesshire, was brought up on the songs of Robert Burns: and Martainn, from Lochaber, with the traditional music of the North West.  Contents: “THE FOLKS WHO LIVE ON THE HILL” Alex Hodgson is a Scottish singer/songwriter, story teller and comedian based in Prestonpans, East Lothian. His music is distinctively Scottish, with both a charm and humour that reflect his background and love of music and he has twice been a finalist in the 'Burnsong' song writing competition.  Alex has a musical career spanning several decades and has performed in the Scottish Parliament, for the Queen at Balmoral, for the BBC and various radio stations, and most recently on Forth 2. He has also toured in South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand and has become a regular late-night performer on The Sunday Class Dance Holidays, where his wife Issy plays with Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band. Jeelie Jars ‘n’ Coalie Backies - July 2010  The Brig Tae Nae Where - August 2014  For more details click here. 2 CDs by Alex Hodgson VOCALS The latest CD produced to accompany a Roy Goldring Dance Book - A Reel For Alice. Whilst Muriel Johnstone provides piano and bass on all the tracks, Ian Robertson plays both accordion and fiddle variously, with several tracks featuring him in multi-instrument mode, rising to the last strathspey, Well Kent, being played by a veritable orchestra of 3 fiddles, 2 accordions plus piano and bass!  Roy Goldring wrote so many danceable dances, and this CD should definitely be in any teacher’s collection. Ian Robertson & Muriel Johnstone For more details click here. The talented Dewhurst family band - Chris & Julie on accordion with son Nick on drums - had ‘plied their trade’ on the English Folk & Dance scene for many years before ‘crossing the border’ into Scottish dancing - where many of the tunes were familiar but the tempo and style is much more defined. The Band have a very recognisable sound and produce excellent CDs of “Music for Scottish Country Dancing when ‘any good tune’ is required” making them a ‘must have’ for any class teacher.  Crossing Borders: Their first CD for Scottish Country Dancing was released in 2008. This 14 track CD reflects the different influences in their music - Scottish, Irish, American & Canadian tunes are mixed with traditional ones and a good proportion of their own compositions.   Beyond the Borders: As with their first CD, many tracks are for use when ‘any good tune’ is required but there are four tracks for well-known dances and four for dances by Gillian Jennings (instructions available on request). With no less than 22 tunes composed by Chris himself, this CD of 14 tracks should cover every occasion!  Short & Sweet: Watch this space for the release of the Dewhursts’ third CD! Chris, Julie & Nick Dewhurst For more details click here. Laird Brown (son of Bobby), Donny Wood, Warren Beesley & Rob Wolanski who all played with Bobby Brown & the Scottish Accent, have now been joined by Stefanie Hutka to form Scotch Mist.  Coast to Coast Their debut CD showcases Canadian Scottish Country Dance music and to complement this, the 13 dances come from far and wide across Canada from a variety of teachers, and full instructions are included in the CD booklet, making it excellent value for money.  Around the World As their first CD, Coast to Coast, featured dances by Canadian devisers so this CD focuses on Canadian composers, with 23 tunes by 12 Canadian composers as well as traditional and Scottish composers. The dances, on the other hand, are from 13 devisers from Around the World - UK, Germany, Japan, New Zealand as well as Canada and the dance instructions are available for free download from For more details click here. Scotch Mist Spark o’ Water Booklet of Dances  & accompanying CD by Keith Smith & Muriel Johnstone This booklet of 21 dances commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Nova Scotia RSCDS Branch in 2017 and honours Nova Scotia dancers, past and present. All dances were either devised by local dancers or written in honour of them.  The CD by Keith Smith and Muriel Johnstone has 18 tracks. All tunes except two are either traditional or by Muriel or Keith themselves. In the acknowledgements, Muriel and Keith are thanked “for their awesome arrangements and performance” and that certainly sums up this superb CD! Nova Scotia RSCDS Branch For more details click here. For more details click here. RSCDS Leeds Branch celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2012, producing this book of 12 dances, entitled The Leeds Golden Collection. There are clear instructions for each dance and music for the lead tunes is included.  The accompanying CD has now been recorded by Yorkshire-based Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band, with an additional track for the dance South from Oban (instructions published in Leeds 10th Anniversary Book). Leeds RSCDS Branch From 2005, to celebrate Sheffield RSCDS Branch’s 50 Years of Dance, the Second Sheaf Collection CD features Phill Jones and his Band - Ceol na h-Alba. The band on this recording consists of Phill Jones, Sue Jennings, Brian Myers and Drew McKay with Kev Lees ‘guesting’ on track 8.  There are 16 tracks for dances devised by Sheffield Branch members published in the book which is also available. For more details click here. For 60 years, since 1955, a great many people have enjoyed the experience of Scottish country dancing at the vibrant Sheffield RSCDS Branch. To celebrate this, The Third Sheaf Collection contains 12 new dances devised by Branch members.  The accompanying CD features Yorkshire-based Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band. Sheffield RSCDS Branch Bannockburn 700 In 2014 RSCDS Stirling commemorated the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn by producing a book of Scottish Country Dances, significant to the area and the Branch.  The CD recorded in 2017 by Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Band includes tracks for all 11 dances in “Bannockburn 700” plus 5 extra dances in celebration of “Stirling at 90”.  For more details click here. 2017 Release!  Stirling at 90   Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of RSCDS Stirling Branch with The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band Bordering on Scottish 15 tracks of mixed Scottish dance music including Marches, Waltzes and a Two-Step as well as Jigs, Reels and a Strathspey.  Marian (Lead Accordion), Graham Bell (2nd Accordion) and Isobelle Hodgson (Piano) are joined by Judith Linton (Fiddle), Billy Cralb (Double Bass) and George Bremner (Drums). •	Robert Burns’ Dances  •	The Kangaroo Paw  •	Dancer’s Choice Vol.1  •	The Fisherman’s Reel (includes The Elephant’s Stampede)  •	Highlander Music Scottish Dances Vol. 12  •	St Bernard’s Waltz  •	Bordering on Scottish (Marian’s first CD from 1999) This album showcases the very best of Robert Burns’ songs and is essential for those who appreciate the art of Scotland’s national bard. Scottish Dancers will truly enjoy 14 rousing medleys of Burns’ melodies superbly arranged for dancing.  The CD opens with The Star o’ Rabbie Burns before Marian (Lead Accordion), Graham Bell (2nd Accordion), Max Ketchin (Drums) and Isobelle Hodgson (Piano) play 4 Jigs, 5 Reels, 3 Strathspeys and a Waltz. Keith Smith and his fiddle join Marian and her usual line-up of Graham Bell (2nd accordion), Issy Hodgson (Piano & Bass) and Max Ketchin (Drums) to play some excellent tune sets. There are no less than 12 original tunes by Marian Anderson and two of Keith Smith's, plus an impressive array from other composers. Instructions for the 10 new dances are contained in the CD Booklet.  For more details click here. The Other Kangaroo Paw Released at the same time as The Sunday Class Book 1 CD, but quite different, reflecting its Australian origins, and another excellent show-piece of Marian's talent! ALL Marian Anderson’s CDs including: The book contains full instructions for the 6 original dances devised to celebrate the Branch’s Diamond Jubilee in 2006.  First released in 2008 and now re-issued by The Sunday Class, this CD has become a classic. Marian Anderson’s own opening tune for City of Belfast introduces us to a CD which every dancer would want to own. There are also tracks for 2 dances devised to celebrate their Ruby Anniversary (The Glens of Antrim and The Drumlins of Down) and two generic sets of good tunes for reels and jigs.   For more details click here. RSCDS Belfast Branch Diamond Jubilee Dances  & CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band The dance “Elma McCausland MBE” was specially devised by Lucy Mulholland to acknowledge the Belfast Branch’s delight at the award of MBE to Elma “for services to Scottish country dancing” in the 2017 New Year Honours list.  The Book contains full instructions for this dance and “Glenoe” devised for Elma by Daphne Jones, with a one-track CD by The Marian Anderson Trio. The tunes on the CD are Elma McCausland MBE (Marian Anderson), Cecil McCausland (Nan Main) and Tribute to West Renfrewshire (Ian Muir). RSCDS Belfast Branch honour Elma McCausland MBE  with CD by The Marian Anderson Trio Launched at the Branch’s 70th Anniversary Gala Evening on December 3rd 2016 in the magnificent surroundings of the Titanic Suite, Belfast, this Book and accompanying CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band is set to rival their Diamond Collection from 2006.  The Book contains full instructions and music for 14 new dances and a beautiful waltz.  For more details click here. RSCDS Belfast Branch Platinum Anniversary Dances  & CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band The book contains full instructions and crib diagrams (by Keith Rose) for 15 new dances by 6 local devisers, with some original sheet music.  On the CD are 15 tracks for dances in the Book plus Marian’s own recording for John Drewry’s ‘Ramadan-ce’, and a bonus track, ‘Barry & Doreen’s Continental Capers’ with full instructions and sheet music included.  For more details click here. The Sunday Class Dance Book 1  & CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band with accompanying CD by     Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band The Book contains full instructions and crib diagrams (by Keith Rose) for 16 new dances by 9 devisers, with sheet music for 8 original tunes.  On the CD there are 15 tracks for dances in the Book plus a bonus track, ‘Staircase in Styria’ (with dance instructions and sheet music included in the CD booklet), and the Band’s favourite polka followed by Alex Hodgson singing Auld Lang Syne.  For more details click here. The Sunday Class Dance Book 2  & CD by Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band Christmas CD  by The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day . . . Now it can be with The Sunday Class 14 tracks for dances in all three tempi, with various barrings, plus a final cool-down waltz. 64 seasonal tunes including traditional carols, songs from musicals, pop music and children’s favourites - from Bach and Holst to Greg Lake and Shane MacGowan, with a sprinkling of snowmen and jingle bells! For more details click here.
CDs, and their corresponding Dance Books if available Here   you   will   find   all   the   details   for   The   Sunday   Class   CDs   and/or   their   Dance   Books,   Belfast Diamond   &   Platinum   collections,   the   Leeds   Golden   Collection,   Sheaf   Collection   (Sheffield   Second &   Third),   Stirling   at   90   (includes   Bannockburn   700   book),   Spark   o’   Water,   etc.   -   most   of   these have   offers   of   a   reduced   price   to   buy   the   set   -   and   also   in   this   section   will   be   all   the   stocked CDs,   including   all   Marian   Anderson’s   recordings,   Scotch   Mist,   The   Chris   Dewhurst   Band,   plus many others.
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