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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 10 th August 2018
Neil Barron formed his Scottish Dance Band in 1983 and, being based in Wetherby, is well known to RSCDS Leeds Branch members. For this CD the band line-up is Neil Barron (lead accordion), Alasdair MacLeod (2 nd  accordion), Marie Fielding (fiddle), Bill Craib (double bass), Dennis Morrison (piano) and Gordon Smith (drums). There are 12 dances from the Golden Collection book (available for sale separately) plus an additional track for the dance South from Oban which was first published in RSCDS Leeds Branch 10 th  Anniversary Book. There are two 8 x 40 bar jigs and all the other dances are 3, 4 or 8 x 32 bars in length. Most of the lead tunes are Neil’s own compositions followed by traditional arrangements mixed with tunes by Skinner, Rankine et al, plus some from Neil’s contemporary composers such as George Meikle, who composed the lead tune for Scarborough Castle. This quality recording by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios makes for good listening even if you don’t have the dance book or teach a class. Worth adding to any collection!
Charles Ogden’s Jig 8 x 32 Jig Golden Arc 8 x 32 Reel Shirley’s Strathspey 3 x 32 Strathspey After Neil’s opening tune, Sicklinghall, enjoy James Scott Skinner’s Tom Dey and Reith’s Clarionet The Leccamore Jig 8 x 32 Jig Neil’s Traveller’s Joy is followed by tunes by Rob Gordon, Lindsay Ross and Jimmy Shand (Margaret Cook’s Fancy)   Jacqui Watson’s Strathspey 3 x 32 Strathspey John Renton wrote the original tune, here matched seamlessly with two from Andrew Rankine  All the Eights 8 x 32 Jig Throopmuir Croft by Neil Barron leads here but is recognisable as a ‘standard’ from many recordings by others, as is Jim Johnstone’s Baker’s Wood   A Twinkle in his Eye 4 x 32 Strathspey
Nifty Ninety 3 x 32 Reel A ‘nifty’ reel to some great tunes, including Bobby Crowe’s Balmullo House Scarborough Castle 8 x 32 Strathspey George Meikle’s title tune is followed by the traditional Mary Morison, For A’ That & A’ That and My Only Jo an’ Dearie O. The Cooper Children 8 x 40 Jig Four   tunes   by   Neil   follow   the   traditional   Wee   Cooper   o’   Fife,   with two   more   traditional   tunes   to   complete   the   set   -   another   useful track for those ‘Cooper’ dances ... Candyfloss 3 x 32 Strathspey Jovial Jack 8 x 32 Reel South from Oban 8 x 40 Jig The named tune is by Nan Main and this final set also includes the popular Major Mackie
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