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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 10 th August 2018
Coast to Coast with Scotch Mist
Scotch   Mist   has   been   born   from   the   legacy   of   Bobby   Brown   &   the   Scottish   Accent.   Following   Bobby’s untimely   death   in   2011,   his   son   Laird   led   the   Scottish   Accent   through   a   transition   period   and   the   new   band has developed. For   this   first   CD   the   band   line-up   is   Laird   Brown   (lead   accordion),   Stefanie   Hutka   (violin),   ‘Kerry   D.   Boax’ (2 nd    accordion   -   overdubbed),   Donny   Wood   (piano),   Warren   Beesley   (drums)   and   Rob   Wolanski   (bass).   To complement   this   showcase   of   Canadian   Scottish   Country   Dance   music,   the   dances   accompanying   this recording   come   from   far   and   wide   across   Canada   from   a   variety   of   teachers,   and   full   instructions   are included in the CD booklet, making it excellent value for money. There   are   13   dances   followed   by   the   Lament   for   Bobby   Brown   (Muriel   Johnstone)   and   a   closing   waltz composed   by   Laird   &   Donny.   The   dances   are   traditional   length   (8   or   4   x   32bars)   and   many   of   the   tunes   are also   traditional   -   Greenwoodside, The   Wee   Man   at   the   Loom,   Kirk’s   Hornpipe,   Goodnight   &   Joy   Be   With You, to   name   but   four,   but   there   are   some   excellent   arrangements   and   sets,   again   courtesy   of   Laird   &   Donny, including   new   tunes   by   Donny   Wood   and   others,   mixed   with   ‘old’   ones   by   Stan   Hamilton, Adam   Rennie   and the like, and even Sousa’s Liberty Bell!
Brenda’s Jig 4 x 32 Jig 3 Jack Hayes jigs in this set to set us all dancing! New Year Wedding 3 x 32 Strathspey Promise of Spring 8 x 32 Reel The Snow Eater 8 x 32 Jig Traditional tunes for this dance from southern Alberta where the Chinooks blow - winds which raise the temperature very quickly causing the snow to melt  Lilbert’s Strathspey 4 x 32 Pastorale Named tune by Laird begins this set for a dance dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her Diamond Jubilee  The Reel of the Pinehurst Eight 4 x 32 Reel A golfer’s dance but the first tune is Stan Hamilton’s “The Duffers’ Reel”.... A Trip to Crinan 8 x 32 Jig A superbly matched set including Liberty Bell (J P Sousa)
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle 8 x 32 Strathspey The Quinte Gathering 8 x 32 Hornpipe Lively hornpipes for this dance which includes a Corner Targe Itchy Feet 8 x 32 Jig Tunes   by   Peter   White   and   Adam   Rennie   with   two   traditional   ones certainly fit this title! Phoenix Rising 4 x 32 Strathspey A dance dedicated to Bobby Brown’s memory and celebrating Laird’s leadership of this new band, beginning with Bobby’s own Frances Carol Brown George Watson of Tipperlinn 8 x 32 Jig Father to Son 8 x 32 Reel A Simon Scott dance to another well-matched set of recognisable tunes, again dedicated to Bobby & Laird Lament Waltz
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