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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 1 st  October 2019
For the last 6 years I have been involved in the organisation of ‘Dancing Holidays’ in Portugal, Spain & Italy at the end of February (dancing to CDs) and in March with Marian Anderson & her Band providing the music.
Dancing Holidays
These holidays follow a similar pattern: Members book their own flights to the nominated airport and transfers will then be arranged for you Hotel rooms are on a per night basis so longer (or shorter) stays can be booked as required - hotels are 4* rated with buffet restaurants (wine & water included with the evening meal) and large ballrooms There are six dancing nights - the first night on both holidays will be a short programme (7-9 dances) to CDs as a 'Welcome & Get-to-know-you'. On both holidays there will be one evening, mid week, with no dancing 2 excursions (approx 7 hours) will be offered, and details of these will be available in the autumn for pre-booking Dance programmes are issued 3 or 4 months in advance and walk-through sessions will be offered each day Payments: After paying an initial deposit, 3 stage payments will be required (preferably by bank transfer rather than cheque). As the exchange rate fluctuates then the prices have been set cautiously but over-payments will be refunded if we are fortunate enough to get consistently favourable rates.
Amanda Peart Tel: 01778 560433
Details of some of the other dancing holidays offered in Europe can be found on the website of the Telheiras SCD Group (Lisbon).
March 2020 at Grand Hermitage Hotel & Villa Romita, Sorrento, Italy Fri 6 th  - Fri 13 th     &    Mon 16 th  - 23 rd Marian, Max & Issy CD Week
September in the UK In   2018   we   were   at   The   Park   Hotel,   Tynemouth   for   4   nights   dancing   to   Marian   Anderson   &   her   Band, with a concert evening mid-week with Leonard Brown supported by Malcolm Ross and Alex Hodgson. This   was   very   successful   and   much   enjoyed   by   resident   guests   and   local   dancers   alike,   but   was   not   as well   supported   as   it   needed   to   be   to   make   it   thrive   financially!   For   this   reason,   coupled   with   difficulties getting   a   suitable   hotel   for   dates   which   fit   in   with   the   Band   and   others,   there   was   no   September   holiday in    2019,    but    Langstone    Cliff    Hotel    in    Dawlish    Warren     has    been    booked    for    five    nights    from Sunday 13th – Friday 18th September 2020 .
dates Fri 13 th  - Mon 16 th  available if required
Sorrento in March Sorrento in March Devon in September Devon in September