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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 4 th  September 2022
For   9   years   I   was   involved   in   the   organisation   of   ‘Dancing   Holidays’ in   Portugal,   Spain   &   Italy   at   the   end   of   February   (dancing   to   CDs) and   in   March   with   Marian   Anderson   &   her   Band   providing   the music.   Those   days   are   now   behind   us   and   I   have   no   plans   for   any more holidays abroad.
Dancing Holidays
Amanda Peart Tel: 01778 560433
Dancing Holidays in the UK Having   run   2   holidays   in   Septembers   2016   &   2018   with   low   numbers,   I   was   pleased   to   have   booked Langstone   Cliff   Hotel   in   Dawlish   Warren    for   five   nights   in   September   2020 .   Whilst   this   holiday   was unable   to   happen   entirely   as   planned,   31   guests   did   attend   and   there   was   some   socially-distanced   dancing to   recorded   music.   Everyone   liked   the   hotel   and   exploring   this   area   of   Devon,   and   we   rebooked   for   2021 when   we   enjoyed   a   super   holiday   with   Marian,   Issy   &   Max,   also   Alex   Hodgson   entertaining   us   before   and after dancing. We have booked again for 2023 and would hope to continue these visits every 2 years. Because   of   the   rolling   forward   of   some   events   post-Covid   we   were   unable   to   find   a   suitable   venue   for September   this   year   (2022)   but   I   have   decided   to   add   in   a   UK-based   holiday   in   January-March   each year  if possible. We are now booked for: 2023 Sunday 29 th January - Friday 3 rd  February The Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton  4 nights dancing to Marian & her Band (first night to recorded music) Sunday 17 th - Friday 22 nd  September Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren  4 nights dancing to Marian & her Band (first night to recorded music)
Skipton in January Skipton in January Devon in September Devon in September