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The Sunday Class
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Spark O Water
To   commemorate   the   35 th    Anniversary    of   the   Nova   Scotia   Branch   of   the   RSCDS   in   2017   and honour    the    Nova    Scotian    dancers,    past    and    present,    the    Branch    have    published    a    CD    and companion booklet of dances, all either devised by local dancers or written in honour of them. There   are   18   tracks   on   the   CD   from   Keith   Smith   and   Muriel   Johnstone. All   tunes   except   two   (Ian   & Carol   Aitken   of   MacGregor   by   Cas   Sloan   and   Mrs   Ethel   Mary   Moss   by   James   C   Aulenbach)   are either   traditional   or   by   Muriel   or   Keith   themselves.   In   the   acknowledgements,   Muriel   and   Keith   are thanked   “for   their   awesome   arrangements   and   performance”   and   that   certainly   sums   up   this superb CD!
Norma’s Garden 8 x 32 Reel   Mhairi and I 4 x 40 Jig SandBJ 3 x 32 Strathspey   Prince Edward Assembly 1 x 88 Reel   Spark O’ Water / Sharon’s Strathspey 6 x 32 Strathspey   Spice It Up 3 x 32 Jig   Jim MacLellan’s Strathspey  4 x 32 Strathspey / Sailing Days on the Penobscot   Olive’s Return to Old Scotia 4 x 32 Reel   Wedding Medley 4 x (16S+16R) Medley  
V and J’s Maggot 6 x 32Jig   Three Fathom Harbour 8 x 32 Strathspey   The Mayflower 5 x 32 Reel Leaving Portree 4 x 40 Jig The Royal Wedding / Wisp of Thistle 8 x 32 Strathspey The Tallahassee Reel 4 x 48 Reel The Rossington Strathspey 3 x 32 Strathspey Bill and Rajeev’s Wedding Jig 3 x 32 Jig The Rug Beater 8 x 32 Reel
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