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The Sunday Class
Dancing on Sundays Having   had   to   cancel   the   7 th    Annual   Dance   booked   for   9 th    April   2017,   when   Marian   Anderson’s   Scottish   Dance   Band   were due   to   play,   because   we   were   unlikely   to   have   had   even   2   sets   of   dancers,   there   are   currently   no   plans   for   future   Dances, either in March/April or in November. To remind us of some previous great dances ....... March 27th 2011 with Marian Anderson November 27th 2011 with Ian Slater March 25th 2012 with Nicol McLaren
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Welland Dance 2019 Following Win Balgarnie’s retirement from organising “Interesting Dances” in Welland, the Dances will continue under new leadership, at Welland Village Hall, WR13 6AJ on Saturday 31 st  August 2019 7.00 - 11.00 pm. There will be an evening practice session on Bank Holiday Saturday 24 th  August at Hanley Swan Village Hall, WR8 0DA.
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