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The Sunday Class
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Miss C M Barbour (R8x32) The Castle Park Jig (J8x32) Sandy Nixon’s Reel (R8x32) For All the Ladies (S8x32) Jiggery Pokery (J8x32) Lesley Nixon’s Reel (R8x32) MO’s Jig (J8x32) Suzanne Barbour (R8x32) By Dundonald (S3x32) The Cuckoo Clock (R8x32) Whitby Wedding (J4x40) CJ’s Reel (R8x32)  Repeat Prescription The Four Minute Reel (R8x32) The Lancastrian Wanderer (J8x32) The Inn on the Moor (S3x32) Allan Nixon’s Reel (R8x32) Where Friends Meet (S8x32) Gordon Young’s Reel (R8x32) Shakin’ the Bottle (J8x32) Bill Hendry’s Reel (R8x32) Bruce & Margaret Urquhart (S8x32) Hugh Morrison’s Delight (J8x32) Mike Hardie’s Reel (R8x40) The Golden Years (S4x48(50)) The Newholme Jig (J8x32) Hamish Smith’s Reel (R8x32)  Magic Medicine Ian Barbour The Highlander Collection of Scottish Dances Volume 1  A book of over 30 dances devised by various devisers from around the world.   The Bonnie Beauly Blooms;	Ghillie Laces;	A Dog’s Breakfast;	Shetland Quadrilles;	Nethy Bridge; The Double Top Jig;	Bellstane;	The Clan Reel;	Corrievreckan;	The Salmonfield Poacher; Neko’s Reel;	The Wedding Link;	Good Friends;	Kirkmaiden Strathspey;	Dancing In 2000; The Queen’s View;	Bryan And Nori’s Wedding;	Widdershins;	One For The Millennium; Langholm Fair;	King O’ The Rookery;	Bruce & Margaret Urquhart;	Muckle Burn;  Mrs. Clancy’s Strathspey;	The Viking Ship;	Whistlin’ In The Kitchen;	St. Margaret’s Inch; Bean Shee Fancy;	Lady In Red;	A Birl Roond Forfar;	Traquair House;	Stuck In The Snow; Wearie Willie’s Reel. Dance instructions for:  Bonjour - Au Revoir (R8x32) Born to Dance (J8x32) From Paper to Pearl (S8x32) GAGT’s Reel (R8x32) Lonely Sunday (J8x32) Once Upon a Time (R8x32) The Pentland Hills (S8x32) Rondel in Waterloo (S8x32) Skip Change Only (R8x32) Sleepless in Normandale (R4x40) Stratton Street (S4x32) Taste @ Sawtell (R8x32) From Paper to Pearl  A book of 12 dances devised by Gaye Collin & friends from New Zealand, first published in 2011. This edition was printed in the UK for The Sunday Class in 2018.   The dances are graded; there is a useful chart of the main formations in the front of the book; and each dance has helpful deviser’s notes. The Amisfield Dances   A book of eight dances devised by William Williamson with sheet music by various composers and arranged by Martainn Skene  	Dance		Tune 1	The Amisfield Dancie	R8x40	William Williamson of Dykeside	Ewan McGowan 2	B.I.B	J8x32	Blootered in Benidorm	Emma Dickson 3	Amisfield Tower	S4x32	Amisfield Tower	Martainn Skene 4	Bob’s Chase	J4x32 Sq.	Master William Cameron Gall	William Williamson 5	Hannah’s Waltz	Wnx32	Hannah Mary Graham	Gavin Maxwell 6	Miss Graham of Dykeside	S8x32	Miss Graham of Dykeside	Martainn Skene 7	P.I.P.	J8x32	The Winklepickers	Martainn Skene 8	Thomson’s Adumu	R4x32	Master Howie Gilchrist Gall	Martainn Skene From Siberia with Love (J8x32) The Golden Rush (S4x40) The Birth of a New Star (R1x88) Sq. Irina’s Happines (S3x32) The Innocent Railway (R8x32) Don’t Miss Your Partner in the Dusk (R8x32) The KNight Bus Jig (J4x40) Quick Scotch (R8x32) Old New Year (S4x32) Vladimir’s Fancy (M-4x(R32+S32)) Yellow Reel (Autumn Dance) R8x32) Nizhny Novgorod is a city (since 1221) of 1.25 million inhabitants on the Volga River in western Russia, known for its 16thC Kremlin, ringed by 13 fortified towers, including the Dmitrovskaya Tower. Within the Kremlin’s walls is the green-spired Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, rebuilt in the 17thC.   The “Quick Scotch” dance group was founded in 2009 and since then has organised a number of dancing events that inspired them to devise some dances. 1	Across Kildonan Hall 	S3x32 2	Bernie’s Triumph 	S8x32 3	Bishop Hall 	J8x32 4	Celtic Harmonies 	Rnx32 (RR) 5	Charming Molly 	J8x32 6	Dance for Andrew 	R8x32 7	Ethel Enkel’s 100th Birthday 	M-S64+R64 Sq.set 8	Hundreds of Wild Geese 	J8x32 9	A Jig for Mary Jane 	J8x32 10	John McCormick of Loomie, Wilson and Hollidale 			R8x32 11	JP and Sunny’s Jig 	J4x32 12	Little Donnie in the Pig Pen 	R3x48 13	Lydia’s Magic Garden	S3x32 14	Making Friends 	R8x32 15	The Missing Triplet 	S3x32 16	Oh, How We’ve Danced 	J2x32 (2cpl) 17	A Perfect Match 	Circle nx32  18	Skye and Sochi 	R6x40 19	Sleepy Sunny and J.P.	R8x32 20	Synchronous Simplicity 	S8x32 21	Thea’s Welcome 	S3/5x32 22	There’s Something about Triangles 			R3x32 23	Totem Park 	R4x48 24	A Trip to Italy 	J5/3/7x32  25	A Trip to Taiwan 	R3x32 26	A Dance for Cloe 	J2x32 (2cpl) 27	Holly, Would You Pick the Music? 	R3x32 28	The Sparrows’ Spring Branch 	S3x32  Oh, How We’ve Danced! is Holly’s latest book published in 2020. 1	Alistair’s Dance 	J8x32 2	Biking in Aarhus 	J3x32 3	California Dreaming 	S3x32 4	A Cat Lover’s Birthday 	M-S64+R64 Sq.set 5	Celebrations 	R4x48 6	Chain, Chain, Chain 	M-S64+R64 Sq.set 7	Cocoa Beach Marathon 	J4x32 (2 chords) 8	Customs Made 	R8x40 9	Cyprus Roundabout 	M-S64+R64 Sq.set 10	Dance to the Music 	J8x32 11	The Dog Stalker 	S3x32 12	Don Kent’s Connection Inspection 	M-S64+R64 Sq.set 13	Everyone is Dancing	R6x32 (2cpls) 14	Flower of Pitlochry 	J8x48 15	Golden Gala Tangle 	S3x32 16	Katie in Kingston 	R5x32  17	Katie’s Birthday 	R3x32  18	Leaves in Autumn 	R3x32 19	Lest We Forget 	S8x32 20	Lupin Cows 	S4x32 21	Manderley Weasel 	R8x32 22	Meet Your Corners 	R8x32 23	On the Moxley’s Deck 	S3x32 24	Ramona’s Dance 	Jnx32 (RR) 25	Reel Fun 	R8x32 26	TACBook Scotts 	S3x32 27	Til We Meet Up Again 	J5x32 28	Time for a New Dog (dance) 	J5x40 29	The Two Rebeccas 	J3x32 30	Wedding at Fingask Castle 	Circle nx32 Celebrations is Holly’s book published in 2017 and contains 30 new dances. 1	23 Earl Band Avenue 	S8x32 2	All the Right Moves 	J8x32 3	Aloha Kekokia 	S4x32 4	Dearcmhara 	S3x32 5	Esther Naomi MacDonald Boyd 	R8x32 6	Fairlee Frolic 	S3/5x32 7	Fare Thee Well, Peter White 	R4x32 (2 chords) 8	The Four Leaf Clover 	J8x32 9	Frost and Fire 	R3x32 10	Golden Anniversary Jig 	J3x32 11	Greta's Daughter 	R4x48 12	Guardian of the Purse 	R8x32 13	He Shoots! He Scores! 	J6x32 (2cpls) 14	The Heavenly, Merry Dancers 	S3/5x32 15	Hermann's Jig 	J8x32 16	Jacqui 	S4x32 (4 pers) 17	Jacqui 2 	S4x32 (4 pers) 18	Kingston Kindness 	J6x40 (2cpls) 19	Lee-Lee 	S3x32 20	Lost in Manoa Marketplace 	R8x32 21	Manderley 	R8x32 22	The Montreal Australian Lady 	R4x40 23	Montreal Entrelac Tees 	S3x32 24	Muddy Dog Run 	R8x32 25	My Cousin Heather 	S4x32 (2 chords) 26	A Nova Scotia Tea Dance 	J4x32 27	Off to Thailand 	R8x32 28	Our Plattsburg Connection 	R8x32 29	Picton Tartan Tea Dance 	R8x32 30	The Piping Plovers 	S8x32 31	The Red and White Poppies 	R8x32 32	Robin's Rant 	S3x32 33	Saxonia 	J8x32 34	Seventy in Copenhagen 	J4x32 35	Skating on Mount Royal 	S3x32 36	Sweet Home Alabama 	M-S64+R64 37	Thank You, Fred 	J8x32 38	Walden Puppy 	S3x32 39	While We Were Waiting 	J3x32 (3 pers) A Shortcut to Happiness published in 2015 contains 39 new dances by Holly and she uses the quote for the title: “There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” 1	A Dance for Bobby Brown 	R4x32 (2 chords) 2	There and Back Again	S8x32 3	Easy Does It 	J6x32 (2cpls) 4	Polly's Big Day 	R3x32 5	Bewitched in Salem 	S3x32 6	Ye Olde Pussycat 	S8x32 7	When the Wind Blows 	Circle nx32 8	Puppy Love 	J4x32	 9	A Dog's Tale	J8x32 10	Dancing Dogs 	S6x32 (2cpls) 11	Portsmouth Intersection 	R1x88 Sq. 12	What Don Wants... 	R8x32 13	Trip to Algeria 	R8x40 14	By Paddlewheel Steamship Down the Nile 	S3x40 15	A Trip to Egypt 	J8x32 16	The SS Karim 	S6x32 (2cpls) 17	Fore Tom 	S6x32 (2cpls) 18	Dancing with Swans 	S8x32 19	Alan's Flypers 	J8x32 20	You Can Count on the Music 	J3x32 21	A Well Oiled Machine 	M-6x(S16+R16) 2cpls 22	A Good Mind (lonkwanikonri:io) 	R8x32 23	The Pig Farmer’s Wife	R8x40 24	Montreal Anniversary Jig	J4x32 25	Yet Another Birthday	S3x32  Here We Go Again published in 2013 contains 25 new dances by Holly plus 4 tunes. 1	Carry On Carruthers	S6x32 (2cpls) 2	The Montreal Dancer	J8x32 3	Smiling all the While	S8x32 4	A Trip to Croatia	M-S64+R64 (4cpls) 5	Catherine Stewart's Reel	M-8x(S16+R16) 6	That Pinewoods!	M-M128+S64+R96 7	The Captain's House	R8x32 8	The Chairman's Whim	J6x32 (2cpls) 9	Fiona's Flock	R8x40 10	With a Flourish	S3x32 11	Sandy's Solo	R4x32 (4 pers) 12	The English Dance Master	S6x32 (2 cpls) 13	Ninety Years Young	J8x32/4x32 14	Busy Mary	R8x32 15	Dagmar's Delight	S6x32(2cpls) 16	Cuppa Joe by Penny Leptick	S4x32	 17	Holly's Hobby by Margaret Gomersall	J8x32		 Here’s To You Too published in May 2011 contains 15 dances by Holly and 2 written for her. Holly Boyd is a dancer and teacher from Montreal who says:  “Dances keep writing themselves in my head and I have to do them and record them so that they will leave me alone and let me think about something else. Not that I mind thinking about dancing. I love dancing. I love the patterns and the music, the sociability of it and (most of) the people who do it.” Holly has published 5 books of her dances - the first “Here’s To You” is no longer available in print (contact TAC Books for a downloadable version) - and the other 4, containing over 100 of Holly’s creations, are available here. Prices range from £3.50 to £11. Holly Boyd Higham Hall Anniversary Booklet  25 years ago, at Higham Hall in Cumbria, Derek & Maureen Haynes started a festive 3-day dancing holiday for experienced dancers at New Year. To celebrate their 25th anniversary year, the 2016 Hogmanay At Higham participants held a competition and devised 4 new dances - 2 strathspeys (3x32 and 8x32), a reel (8x32) and a jig (8x32).  The booklet cost £1 and proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go to Cockermouth Mountain Rescue. Volume 6 “Save the Last Dance for Me”  Amberley’s Labyrinth (R4x48 Sq.) FINICY (J8x32) The Greenock “Pearl” (J3x32) Jocular Magpies (R8x32) Muresk (R4x32) Pelicans in Paradise (S4x40) The Sapphire Jubilee (S8x32) Silkes’ Daunder (R8x40) The Takayama Matsuri (R8x40) The Tippling Travellers (R8x32) Wee, Feisty but Fun (J8x40) A Whaler’s Welcome to Albany (S8x32) With Faith You Are Dancing (S8x32) Volume 5  Amanda’s Birthday Dance (S4x40) The Clarence River Reel (R8x40) The Convivial Cameron (R8x32) Crocodile Tears (J4x32 Sq.) Crossing the North Atlantic (R8x40) The Errington Strathspey (S2x48 Sq.) The Gold Coast Ruby (S4x32) Let’s Bike It (J8x40) Maclean on Clarence (S8x32) The Maid of Ulster (R8x40) The Nova Scotian Jig (J4x32) The Vital Spark (S8x32) A Weekend Celebration (R8x40) Will You Join the Dance? (R8x32)  Volume 4  The Anne Archdeacn Reel (R4x40) Cathy McLeod of Graceville (S4x40 Sq.) The Daily Double (R4x40) Felicity’s Fancy (J4x40) The Ghan (J8x32) Isobel (S8x32) Jump Alf, Jump! (R4x32) Mists over Maroon (S4x32) The Mover and Groover (R8x40) “O” for Celebration (J8x40) Robyn Craig’s Country Dance (S4x40 Sq.) Summer in Sherbrooke (S3x32) The Travelling Trios (R6x32) The Dancing Brolga Collection of Scottish Country Dances Volumes 1, 2 & 3 The Ashe’s (S3x32) The Counting House Strathspey (S4x32) The Dancing Partners (J8x32) The Deepwater Reel (R1x80 sq.set) The Sisters Three (S3x32) The Celandine Strathspey (S6/8x32) Judith of Yarram (S8x32) Laurel Downey’s Pleasure (S8x32) Lyn’s Labyrinth (S4x32 sq. set) Olga’s Dance (R8x32) Parkheid Cross (R8x32) Pope Street (J8x40) AnnTony’s Delight (R8x32) Clan MacKenzie Reel (R8x32) Cool & Crisp (R3x32) Diana’s Delight (Jnx32) Jiggin’ Jan (J8x32) Just For Trisha (J8x32) The Clan Mackenzie Collection of Scottish Country Dances Volume 3  A Blithe Lass in Beverley (S8x32) A Ceilidh For Ken (R8x40) The Dancing Partners (J8x32) The Emma Nixon Strathspey (S8x32) The Utterson Reels (R8x32) Milton’s Chain (J3x40) Sandra Griffiths Strathspey (S3x32) The Spinnie (R8x32) Laurel Downey’s Pleasure (S8x32) Jaunty Jean’s Reel (R5x32) Let’s Try Again (R5x32) The Arita Strathspey (S8x32) The Resounding Bells (J8x32) The Rose Still Blooms (S3x32) Fifty Years & Counting (R8x32) Three Rough Diamonds (J8x32) Lesley Nicol of Auckland (J8x32) Volume 2  A Wee Break in Cairns (J8x32) Andy’s World (J4x32 sq. set) Gray-McLennans of Maclean (S8x32) The Piper Dances (R8x32) The Elusive Partner (R8x32) The Mustard Seed (J8x40) The ‘Tree Tops’ Strathspey (S4x32) The Pibroch Reel (R8x40) Carol’s Delight (S3x32) Clan Mackenzie Reel (R8x32) Hosken Hospitality (S4x32) Island Cruising (R4x48) Cat on a Cushion (J4x48 sq.set) Mr Graham W Donald (S3x32) Noelene Petrie’s Reel (R8x32) Pope Street (J8x40) Volume 1  A Birthday Smile (J8x32) A Gregarious Gambol (R8x32) Carol’s Strathspey (S3x32) The Dancing Brolga (R8x40) Jiggin’ Jan (J8x32) Judith of Yarram (S8x32) Kirkwall Court (J8x32) Lyn’s Labyrinth (S4x32 sq. set) Miss Nidra Aitken (S3x32) St Philip’s Rant (R8x32) Stella’s Reel (R5x32) “The Brays” of Brinsmead (S4x40) The Desborough Cross (R1x96 sq.set) The Rope Spinner’s Reel (R8x40) The Shiny Buckle (R8x40) The Le Brocque Strathspey (S5x32) The Dancing Brolga Collection of Scottish Country Dances Volumes 1, 2 & 3 The Takapuna Reel (J3x32) Gin Strawberries (R8x32) The Coast Road (S8x32) The Waiheke Ron (J8x32) North Head Strathspey (S4x32 sq. set) Gannets Galore (J8x40) The Sky City Reel (R8x40) Pack ‘n’ Run (R3x32)  plus the recipe for Gin Strawberries! The Auckland Suite Bridge Over the Danube (J4x32) Causeway Capers (R8x32) Crossing the Globe (4-couple Medley) The Irish Washer (Sq. set Medley) The Italian Tryst (S8x32) The Northern Spring (J5x32) Your Lady Is Waiting (S6x32) The Arrogant Frog (R8x32) The Kilted Norseman (J8x40) The Pride of Paris (R8x40)  From the Danube to the Liffey Francis Walduck  Francis Walduck lived in Queensland, Australia, and in later life became an RSCDS teacher and travelled extensively around the world, dancing as he went. Sadly he died in June 2016, a week short of his 67th birthday, after a 5-month battle against bowel cancer. Francis devised many, wonderfully flowing dances, often inscribed for friends, which he published in 6 books, as well as successfully submitting The Ruby Rant for publication by the RSCDS in Book 49, and having a number of unpublished dances (including Amanda’s Birthday Dance). Queensland RSCDS Branch reprinted the 6 original books and have compiled 3 new books of his unpublished dances (Volumes 4-6 in The Dancing Brolga Collection). All Francis’s books are priced at £2.95 each.
Dance Books which don’t have a dedicated CD These   are   ‘stand-alone’   Dance   Books   -   if   you   are   looking   for   a   book   for   which   there   is   a   CD recorded   then   please   look   in   t he where   Dance   Books   are   available   to   be   bought separately from their CD. Here   you   will   find   the   details   for   all   9   of   Francis   Walduck’s   Dance   Books,   4   from   Holly   Boyd, From   Paper   to   Pearl   (Gaye   Collin,   NZ),   Amisfield   Dances   (William   Williamson)   and   other   smaller publications.
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