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The Sunday Class
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Short & Sweet
For   as   long   as   they   can   remember,   dance   teachers   have   asked   Chris   &   Julie   whether   their   next recording   would   include   short   tracks,   either   for   short   dances   or   for   practising   longer   dances   with   fewer couples.   They   have   always   included   a   few,   but   with   the   growing   popularity   of   short   but   interesting dances, and smaller classes, they decided to make this the focus of this CD. The   20   tracks   (plus   a   final   waltz)   include   as   many   of   the   common   permutations   and   combinations   of length   and   style   as   possible,   with   all   tracks   intended   for   use   when   ‘any   good   tune’   is   required.   As   on their   previous   CDs,   there   are   tunes   from   Shetland,   Orkney,   Ireland,   England,   Canada   and   America; some old, some new (including 15 by Chris) and all played in the Band’s own inimitable style.
Mrs Norman McKeigan 5 x 32 Reel Mrs Norman McKeigan (Dan R MacDonald); Far from Home; Star of Munster; St Anne’s Reel; St Andrews’ Welcome (Chris Dewhurst) Orcadian Jig 3 x 48 Jig Orcadian Jig; Castle Church Jig, Welcome to Morland (both Chris Dewhurst) The Iron Man (Medley) 2 x 32 Strathspey + 2 x 32 Reel The Iron Man; Castle Spynie; Queen’s Welcome to Invercauld (All J Scott Skinner) Miss Grace Hay’s Delight 5 x 32 Jig Miss Grace Hay’s Delight (Niel Gow); Miss Isobel Clark’s Favourite (John Clark); Lady Charlotte Bruce’s Favourite (Nathaniel Gow); Miss Napier of Merchiston Hall (Robert Mackintosh); Miss Margaret Brown (Nathaniel Gow) Itchy Fingers 3 x 40 Reel Itchy Fingers (P/M Robert Pinkman); Guid Health, Langleys Reel (both Chris Dewhurst) Lomond Hills 4 x 32 Strathspey Lomond Hills (Chris Dewhurst); Farewell to Whisky-O (J Scott Skinner); Sunshine & Snow (Chris Dewhurst); The Isle of Innisfree (Richard Farrelly) Love, Port and Sherry 6 x 32 Jig Love, Port and Sherry; Humours of Glendart; Pretty Jane 72 nd ’s Farewell to Aberdeen 3 x 32 Reel 72nd’s Farewell to Aberdeen; Johnny Cope; Dornoch Links A Diamond in Sutton Coldfeld * 3 x 32 Strathspey All Saints Strathspey, The Weavers of Tillicoultry (both Chris Dewhurst); Loudon’s Bonnie Woods A Piece of Cake 4 x 32 Jig A Piece of Cake (Chris Dewhurst); Kitty Magee; Life Let Us Cherish; Farmer’s Jamboree Jack’s Delight 6 x 32 Reel Jack’s Delight; Salt Fish and Dumplings; Ishbell’s Reel (Michael Philip)
Da Slockit Light 3 x 32 Strathspey Da Slockit Light (Tom Anderson); Remembering Fethaland, The Hams o’ Roe (both Chris Dewhurst) Lochiel’s Welcome 3 x 32 Jig Lochiel’s Welcome; Christie MacLeod (Jim Johnstone); Jim Anderson’s Delight (Ronald Cooper) Miss Susan Cooper 4 x 48 Reel Miss Susan Cooper, Gordon’s Favourite, The Left Handed Tushkar (all Ronald Cooper); St Magnus Bay (David I Cunningham) Ladylea Hill 4 x 32 Strathspey Ladylea Hill, Kindie Burn (both Charles Sherrit); Helen Jones’ Strathspey (Bob Shakespeare); Mrs B Jolly (Bert Murray) Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe 3 x 48 Reel Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe; Victoria Hornpipe; Wellington Street (Chris Dewhurst) Country Dance 3 x 40 Jig Country Dance; Athlone Jig; Miss Cochran’s Jig (Alexander Gibb) The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society 6 x 32 Strathspey The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society (Ronald Cooper); Davie Taylor, The Kirrie Kebbuck (both J Scott Skinner); The Braes of Tulimet; Forbes Morrison, Littlejohn’s Hame (both J Scott Skinner) Life in the Fast Lane 4 x 40 Jig Life in the Fast Lane (Chris Dewhurst); Cleveland Park (Ivan Drever); Maureen’s Jig (Fergie MacDonald); Banks of the Allen Tannadice 4 x 32 Reel Tannadice (Bobby Frew); Bill Powrie (Ian Powrie); Abreast of the Times (Robert Black); Campbell’s Oaties (Chris Dewhurst) Endearing Young Charms 4 x 32 Waltz Endearing Young Charms; The Gentle Maiden; Ye Banks and Braes; Leaving Lismore (Margaret Martin-Hardie)
Track listing
* Dance by Gillian Jennings - instructions and sheet music available from RSCDS Sutton Coldfield.
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