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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 21 st January 2020 
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In the Books section: From Paper to Pearl Dance Book, reprinted by The Sunday Class The Amisfield Dances by William Williamson Quick Scotch Book of Records - 2017 Dance Book from Russia The Highlander Collection of Scottish Dances Vol 1 Magic Medicine - Ian Barbour Repeat Prescription - Ian Barbour
Future   releases   will    include    more    in    the    series    of Recorded   Highlights   CDs,   The   Sunday   Class   3   (Marian   Anderson) and the third CD from The Chris Dewhurst Band
In the CDs & Sets section: From   Marian   Anderson   &   her   Band:   The   Musicians’   Wedding    CD   to   accompany   a   book   of dances by Gaye Collin (New Zealand) Robertson: a musical heritage by Ian B Robertson & Muriel Johnstone CDs   from   Highlander   Music   including   Jim   Lindsay’s   Scottish   Christmas   Dance   Party    and   Reel of the Puffins, Dancers’ Choice 2 (Robert Whitehead) and three from Sandy Nixon Landing Party - Non-dancing CD featuring Ian Robertson & Rob Alderton  - A Must Have! Double   Take   -   Ian   Robertson   &   Rob   Alderton   ‘double   take’   on   two   instruments   each   to   produce   a   full band sound playing 16 tracks for SCD William Williamson sings “The Folks Who Live on the Hill”, accompanied by Martainn Skene Next Dance, Please! by Leonard Brown & his All Star Band Heather Cameron - Cape Breton fiddler and vocalist - excellent debut CD
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As   our   stock   has   grown,   a   reorganisation   of   this   area   has   become   necessary   and   this   front   page   will   show information   about   recent   additions   and   special   offers,   with   further   details   to   be   found   in   one   of   two   new sections: CDs, and their corresponding Dance Books if available Go   here   for   The   Sunday   Class   CDs   and/or   their   Dance   Books,   Belfast   Diamond   &   Platinum collections,   the   Leeds   Golden   Collection,   Sheaf   Collection   (Sheffield   Second   &   Third), Stirling   at   90   (includes   Bannockburn   700   book),   Spark   o’   Water,   etc.   -   most   of   these   offer a   reduced   price   to   buy   the   set   -   and   also   in   this   section   will   be   all   the   stocked   ‘individual’ CDs,   including   all   Marian   Anderson’s   recordings,   Scotch   Mist,   The   Chris   Dewhurst   Band, Ian Robertson, plus many others. Dance Books In   this   section   are   details   of   the   growing   number   of   Dance   Books   available,   for   which   there   is no   specified   CD,   for   instance   all   9   of   Francis   Walduck’s   books,   including   the   latest   3   produced by Queensland Branch of his previously unpublished 40+ dances. From   both   sections   you   will   arrive   at   the   familiar   shop   ‘counter’   with   its   sporrans   waiting   to be   filled,   so   you   will   still   be   able   to   do   all   your   shopping   in   one   place,   there   will   just   be   less detailed information at that point.
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Recorded Highlights   - the latest project from The Sunday Class - is a series of CDs by different Bands containing tracks for previously published dances which have never had their own recording.   Volume 1 with Jim Lindsay & his Band is now released! ** BUY NOW ** ** BUY NOW ** CDs & Sets Section CDs & Sets Section Go straight to Shop now! Go straight to Shop now! Books Section Books Section CDs & Sets Section CDs & Sets Section Books Section Books Section