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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 20 th November 2018
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1. WHISKY RUN Two   old-timers   in   a   shed   cook   up   an   illicit   brew   -   Moonshine!   Scotch   blended with spice from the American deep south. 2. A GRAND UNION In   addition   to   being   the   stretch   of   canal   water   which   links   the   two   villages where   Ian   and   Rob   live,   A   Grand   Union   reflects   the   marriage   of   their   musical styles.   As   the   first   tune   written   and   recorded,   it’s   also   where   the   Landing   Party voyage began. 3. CALYPSO BAY Two   unlikely   but   strangely   comfortable   bedfellows:   the   English   hornpipe   with   its nautical   connotations,   and   the   Carribean   calypso   with   its   infectious,   lilting rhythms. An international exchange (or pirate robbery) of musical ideas. 4. AIR FOR JILL A   hymn   for   one   in   troubled   times.   The   delicate   sound   of   accoustic   instruments resonates with the expressive side of the electric guitar. 5. GIMME THE DOTS! This   started   life   as   a   straightforward   polka.   But   somewhere   along   the   line   it took a sharp turn into the bizarre and comical world of music-hall. 6. DANCE IN THE DARK An atmospheric and haunting pipe tune. Set on a single unwavering pedal note. 7. JOIE DE VIVRE Landing Party unplugged. An acoustic theme for all that is good in life! 8. REELS IN MOTION Four   tunes   here   -Ostler’s   Field,   The   McGugans   of   Grouville,   Sailor’s   Dance   and Plastered   Again.   From   its   gentle   start,   this   set   of   reels   is   a   guided   tour   through some of the musical styles which have influenced the sound of Landing Party.
9. SQUIRCLE DANCE Many   folk   dances   are   in   the   form   of   a   square   …   which   you   then   dance ‘around’!   Hence   a   “squircle”.   Musically,   it   was   an   ancient   form   called   a canon   or   round   (one   instrument   overlapping   its   theme   with   the   other)   but   it has a less conventional climax with a Led Zeppelin -influenced drum solo. 10. RIDING THE WAVE A fiddle duet in the now traditional folk-rock style. 11. BOB & WENDY GO TO TOWN Two   marches:   Robert   the   Moose   (Bob),   and   Bendy   Wendy   -   written   between dances   at   a   children’s   ceilidh   in   the   town   of   Wendover.   (The   real   name   of the second tune is still too adult to mention.) 12. THE CALL OF HOME A truly British anthem for all those serving abroad - then and now. 13. BEAT TO QUARTERS Land   ahoy!   Sound   the   ship’s   bell   and   hold   fast   for   a   folk-rock   shuffle,   with some Cajun boogie thrown in for good measure.
There   is   a   fan’s   website   with   pictures   from   the   live   concert   in Tring    on    11    February    2011    and    also    fan’s    videos    of    the performance of each track from the CD at:
Landing Party: (l-r) Andy Pearce, Mark Lloyd, Ian Robertson, Rosy Le Good, Rob Alderton, Chris Woodham, Mike Taylor
Rob   Alderton   (former   Sailor   member   2001-5)   and   Ian   Robertson have   a   history   together   in   Scottish   dance   music,   but   inside   was an    adventurous    spirit    waiting    to    break    out    and    explore    new territory.   On   this   concept   album   they   let   their   imagination   run free   with   13   self-penned   tracks.   All   rooted   in   a   deep   respect   for Britain’s    musical    traditions,    they    venture    into    sounds    from around    the    world,    collecting    and    adapting    them    in    the    way explorers have throughout history. On   the   CD   Ian   Robertson   plays   accordion,   fiddle   and   mandolin; Rob   Alderton   plays   keyboards,   guitars,   bass,   drums,   steel   drums, percussion    and    accordion;    while    Andy    Pearce    joins    them    on rhythm guitar for Reels in Motion.
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