The Sunday Class
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FIVE PENNY NESS   (J5x32)  Jean Attwood  Alexander Leaflet 34  1- 8 1s   &   5s   in   prom   hold   dance   reel   of   3   across   with   2s/4s   ending   in 2 nd /4 th  place (2s & 4s step up/down)  9-16 1s+3s+5s   circle   6H   round   &   back   while   2s   &   4s   turn   partners   ½   way   & chase clockwise to opposite end of set all on own sides 17-24 4s   &   2s   pass   1s/5s   RSh   on   own   side   &   weave   parallel   back   to   other end   of   set,   2s   continuing   to   2 nd    place   &   4s   to   4 th    place   (1s   &   5s   step up/down) 25-32 1s   cross   between   2s,   cast   behind   3s,   cross   between   4s   &   cast   behind 5s to 5 th  place as others step up Teacher’s Notes: Bars 1-8: Try   for   this   reel   in   6   bars   to   give   time   for   the   promenaders   to   get into   the   middle   in   2 nd /4 th    places,   while   2s   &   4s   finish   in   1 st    &   5 th   places Bars 9-16: For   2s   &   4s   this   is   the   same   movement   as   in   Polharrow   Burn   -   they are   “the   chasers”   and   need   to   finish   facing   the   way   they   are   going. The   3   couples   circling   should   ensure   they   finish   in   good   straight lines. Bars 17-24: “The   chasers”   become   “the   weavers”.   All   should   end   in   original places. Bars 25-32: 1s   need   to   wake   up   for   their   solo   -   they   are   the   “dancing   couple” after all!
Fivepenny   (Scottish   Gaelic:   Na   Còig   Peighinnean)   is   one   of   the   many   villages   in   the   district   of   Ness   (Nis   in   Gaelic) on   the   northern   tip   of   the   Isle   of   Lewis   in   the   Outer   Hebrides.   Fivepenny   is   within   the   parish   of   Barvas,   and   is situated   on   the   B8014,   between   Port   of   Ness   and   Eoropie.   The   name   refers   to   the   fact   that   it   is   made   up   of   five pennylands (an old Scottish land measurement). There   are   two   separate   places   with   this   name,   both   in   the   north-west   of   Lewis.   Furthest   north   in   Ness   the   full name   of   the   village   there   is   Còig   Peighinnean   Nis,   and   in   the   Borve   area   further   south   of   the   village   there   is   Còig Peighinnean   Bhuirgh.   Both   are   known   locally   as   Na   Còig   Peighinnean,   the   full   name   only   being   used   to   distinguish one from the other. So the dance is named after the northern village - Còig Peighinnean Nis. The   only   available   recording   for   this   dance   is   on   The   Sunday   Class   Recorded   Highlights   Vol   1    which   is   available here .