The Sunday Class
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FIVE-SEVEN-TWO (J8x32) Jenny Bradley 1-8  1M followed by partner casts off 1 place, crosses below 2s, casts off 1 place on ladies’ side and crosses to 3M’s place facing out. 1L finishes in 3L’s place. 2s & 3s move up on bars 7 & 8. 9-16  3s & 1s dance RH across and LH across back. 1L finishes facing out. 17-24 1L followed by partner casts up 1 place, crosses below 2s, casts up 1 place on men’s side and crosses to original place facing out. 1M finishes in original place. 2s & 3s move down on bars 23 & 24. 25-32 1L & 2L, also 1M & 2M, turn RH 1½ times to end 1M facing out, then 1L & 3L, also 1M & 3M, turn once LH.  1s finish in 2 nd  place with 1M facing out, ready to repeat from 2 nd  place. is a site dedicated to producing easy to follow tutorials for Adobe Illustrator and providing Vector Freebies, produced by Jonathan Stones, a Freelance Designer focusing on Web Design and Printed Media. The website is currently up for sale. None of this has anything to do with this dance or its devisor, Jenny Bradley! Jenny has published at least 55 dances, though not this one unless it is under another name, so there is no clue to the significance of the name.
2010 January 31 st