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The Sunday Class
The (Virtual) Sunday Class 
led by Amanda Peart
Following   the   “virtual”   Dances   idea,   it   was   suggested   that   we   had   a   virtual   class.   Many   dancing   areas   in   the   world   have their   equivalent   to   The   Sunday   Class,   where   experienced   dancers   have   a   chance   to   try   out   interesting   dances   which wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for their weekly social or teaching classes. Therefore,   The   Sunday   Class   does   not   really   lend   itself   to   solo   dancing,   nor   are   the   dances   on   the   programme   likely   to be   ones   which   many   people   would   recognise,   so   this   is   a   chance   to   show   what   a   class   of   this   type   contains   (though   all dances   would   be   taught   of   course,   and   we   are   nowhere   near,   or   attempting   to   be,   demonstration   quality),   and   once everyone is back dancing again, maybe you will feel that you’d like to attend a class “for real”! For   this   class   I   had   some   suggestions   from   John   &   Ruth   Smith   (who   live   in   the   Scottish   Borders   but   are   visiting   TSC members)   from   their   BGH2   Club   programme   which   was   recently   cancelled,   and   I   added   in   some   TSC   favourites   where   I could source a video. Are you ready? At TSC we don’t have a warm-up routine but this has just been suggested by a long-term mem ber:  Now   are   you   ready?    Click   on   the   title   of   a   dance   to   see   the   video   (Click   square   icon   at   bottom   right   of   video   to   get   full screen). Each video should open in a separate window so just close it when it finishes. If   you   move   your   cursor   over   the   right   hand   end   of   the   text   line   (where   the   deviser’s   name   is)   you   may   get   some   extra information displayed. Cribs/diagrams, where available, can be accessed from here:
Zytglogge R8x32 Terry Blackburn Collecta Ursis (teaching - then - dancing) Colin’s Delight J8x32 Kenneth Reid Birmingham Platinum The Bonnie Lass o’ Bon Accord S1x64 John Drewry Bon Accord The Recumbent Stone R5x48 John Drewry 20 Dances 1999-2000 Doodling at Dawn J4x32 Roger Cooper Birmingham Platinum Silver Roses M-(S2x40)+(R2x40) Ken Martlew Berkhamsted Diamond The Tea Interval  (don’t forget to wash your hands)   and learn five interesting things about tea La Fidele de Lausanne S3x32 Murrough Landon The Bridgewater Geordie R4x32 David Queen Queen Collection 1 The Ladies of Banffshire S3x32 Bob Taylor Meopham Green J5x48 Mary Howard or The Twins’ Delight J3x32 Amanda Peart TSC 1 Return to Saint Martins S4x40 Bob Anderson Saint Martin Collection 2 Forty and Counting R8x40 Malcolm Brown Book 52
Hope you enjoyed your afternoon Check on the Area Diary for the next opportunity for a Virtual Dance/Class. Stay in, keep safe - and stay sane!