The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 May 31 st
THE LECCAMORE JIG  (J8x32) Janet Brayson  Leeds Golden Collection  1- 8 1s+2s+3s dance reflection reels of 3 on sides, 1s in & down to begin, taking hands whenever possible    9-12 1M dances across & down behind 2L as she steps up whilst 1L dances ½ fig. of 8 between 2s to finish in partner’s place 13-16 1s+2s set diagonally & dance ½ RH across 17-20 1M dances ½ fig. of 8 through 2 nd  place to finish in partner’s place as 2M steps down whilst 1L dances across & up behind 2L to partner’s place 21-24 1s+2s set diagonally & dance ½ RH across 25-28 1s dance up through 2s & cast to 2 nd  place 28-32 1s turn through 3s (1M RH, 1L LH) – on 2 nd  repeat, turn 1 ½ times to 4 th  place
Devised in July 2010. Dun Leccamore is a hill fort (dun), on the highest cliff on the Isle of Luing in the Inner Hebrides. This well- preserved dun was partially excavated in 1891-3 by A. MacNaughton. Built on the summit of a long ridge, a wall, 4.1-4.9m thick and in places containing 8 layers of stone, to a height of about 3 metres, encloses an oval area of nearly 20 metres by 13 metres. To the north there are two rock-cut ditches which would probably have served as quarries for the original build. Unusually there are two entrances to the dun, one on the southwest side, about 1.7m wide with a slate doorpost and a 0.9m deep hole for the door bolt, and a slightly narrower, less well- preserved entrance on the northeast side with no door jamb but with two guard cells and a staircase leading from it.