The Sunday Class
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LEAVING LUNGA (S4x32) Sq. set Robert & Margaret Senior TSC Dance Book 1  1- 4 All turn partners RH, all turn corners LH, 1M & 3M retaining left hand with corner advance towards centre on bar 4  5- 8 1M+2L+3M+4L dance LH across to end facing partners in two parallel diagonal lines  9-16 All dance full parallel reels of 4 on the diagonal 17-20 All set and turn partners RH into promenade hold facing clockwise (1s & 3s ½ turn, 2s & 4s full turn, to end in the mid positions) 21-24 Promenade ½ way clockwise (to the opposite mid position) 25-28 All ladies dance RH across in centre 29-32 Ladies pick up partner in promenade hold, promenade ½ way  clockwise (plus a bit!) to have advanced one position Video link:
The original tune was composed by John Gordon who was piper to Col. Stewart MacDougall, the laird of Lunga Estate. The dance is dedicated to Nan Gordon, on her 100 th  birthday. Nan Gordon is John Gordon’s daughter-in- law and Margaret Senior’s aunt. Peter Scatterty made a recording for Robert initially and in 2013 the dance was included in The Sunday Class Dance Book 1 with Marian Anderson & her Band recording the accompanying CD.