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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2015 March 8 th March 22 nd
HOOPER'S JIG  (J8x32)  MMM 2  1- 8 All clap & 1s cross passing RSh, cast to 2 nd  place & dance RH across with 3s  9-16 All clap & 1s cross passing RSh, cast to 1 st  place & dance LH across with 2s 17-24 1M+3L change places RH, 1L+3M change places RH (as 1M+3L loop round), 1M+3L change places RH (as 1L+3M loop round), 1L+3M cross LH 1L ending in 2 nd  place (as 1M casts to 2 nd  place) 25-32 2s+1s dance R&L
This dance cannot be attributed to a specific person.   The name is connected with barrel-making. Some sources suggest ‘hooper’ is merely an old form of ‘cooper’, a barrel maker, while others suggest that it was the specialist function of making and fitting the metal hoops on barrels as opposed to the making of the wooden staves.