The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 April 7 th May 12 th 2015 May 31 st 2019 June 2 nd July 28 th
HUNGARIAN BRIDE (R5x48) Sq. set (5M facing 4s & 5L facing 2s) Eric Finley  1- 2 1s+2s+3s+4s make arches and advance to centre whilst 5L dances under 2s arch and 5M under 4s arch  3- 4 1s+2s+3s+4s drop hands, turn about away from partner with 2 setting steps NHJ with corner, facing out on diagonal whilst 5s dance to their left to face in (on diagonal, 5L face 1M+2L and 5M face 4L+3M)  5- 6 1s+2s+3s+4s make arches (with corners) and dance out whilst 5s dance under arch  7- 8 1s+2s+3s+4s drop hands, turn about away from corners with 2 setting steps whilst 5s turn with a Gypsy Turn to finish 5M facing 2s with 5L behind him  9-16 2s+5s+4s dance an Alternating Tandem RSh Reel of 3 (2s & 4s with promenade hold), finish with 5M facing 1s (5L behind him) 17-24 1s+5s+3s dance an Alternating Tandem LSh Reel of 3 (1s & 3s with promenade hold), finish with 5s facing 2s 25-28 5s+2s dance RH across, 5M leading 5L (behind him) across to 4s 29-32 5s+4s dance LH across, finishing 5s facing 1s (5M with partner on right) 33-36 1s make arch and 5s dance under, 5s turn (lady dances under her left arm as man dances outside of his partner) whilst 1s turn with a Gypsy Turn to face 2s 37-40  1s+2s repeat bars 33-36 41-44  2s+3s repeat bars 33-36 45-48  3s+4s repeat bars 33-36, 4s finish in centre with Man facing 4 th  place and Lady facing 2 nd  place
This dance was devised for the wedding of Judit Hunyadi and Jean-François Ginoux in Szeged, Hungary, which was held on 21 July 2007.