The Sunday Class
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2011 July 3 rd
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Cambridge Scottish Society celebrated their Diamond Jubilee in 1996. Donald’s suggested music is “Peggy’s Love” as recorded on “The World of Scottish Dance” RSCDS-CD2, though he says: “The suggested music isn't specially inspiring, it needs a fairly forceful Strathspey with a lift to it, so choose something that goes. I originally wanted to use a tune called 'South of the Grampians', but I don't think it's the first tune on any record or CD.” Colin Dewar has recorded it as lead tune in an 8x32 strathspey in 'In Yonder Glen' on The Vallin Suite 4 (Track 9) (which is fairly unavailable) and Gordon Shand's Alltshellach has it as 2nd tune on the RSCDS Book 23 CD.
THE HONEYSUCKLE (& The Bindweed) 2 (S8x32)  Donald Wilson  Cambridge Diamond Jubilee  1- 8 1s+2s Adv+Ret 1 step, 1s cast 1 place as 2s dance in & up, 1s turn LH to face 2 nd  corners & turn corners RH into prom hold (corners on 1s right)  9-12 1s+2 nd  corners dance ½ reel of 4 with 3 rd  corners (RSh to 3 rd  corner), while (on bar 11) 3 rd  corners turn LH in centre to dance out to 2 nd  corners (opposite sides) The dancing couple always start the reels by going out of the side of the set and they always have the corner they're with between them and the corner they're passing, and 1 st  lady is leading her corner - NOT the other way round, which can feel a bit odd. 13-16 1s turn LH to face 2 nd  corner (positions) & turn them RH into prom hold while original 2 nd  corner persons dance out to other corner on own sides After each 'reel figure', the corners who were with the 1 st  couple finish on their own side at the other end, and the corners who were by themselves finish on the other side at the same end, so they've gone ¼ round the set (clockwise in the Honeysuckle, anti- in the Bindweed!) 17-24 1s repeat with bars 9-16 with 'new' corners but 1s end turning LH to 2 nd  place own sides This means that after the second 'reel figure' the supporting couples are diagonally opposite where they started, and the dancing couple are in 2 nd place on their own side 25-32 1s dance Diag R&L Note: 3 rd , 5 th , & 7 th  time through - bars 1- 4, with original 1s in 3 rd  place, all 4 couples Adv+Ret, then new 1s & original 1 st  couple both cast 1 place. The Bindweed (Optional) - 2 nd  time through read right for left & 1 st  corner for 2 nd   corner & vice versa. Don't forget that it's 'Lefts and Rights' with the man going up and the lady down.