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THE HONEYSUCKLE & THE BINDWEED (S4x32) 3s & 4s on opposite sides Jenny Bradley  Nottingham 10.30  1- 4 1s cross down while 4s cross up, 1M+4L also 1L+4M in prom hold dance out to right & into centre facing own partner  5- 8 1s & 4s change places RH with partner & chase round inside clockwise to end 1s in 2nd place opposite sides & 4s in 3rd place own sides  9-12 2s cross down while 3s cross up, 2M+3L also 2L+3M in prom hold dance out to left & into centre facing own partner 13-16 2s & 3s change places LH with partner & chase round inside anticlockwise to end 2s in 2nd place opposite sides & 3s in 3rd place own sides.  (1)(2) 3 4 17-24 1s+2s Set+Link, 1s+3s set & dance RH across ½ way 25-32 1s+4s Set+Link, all set & cross RH.  2 3(4)(1)
The Flanders and Swann song “Misalliance” tells of the love affair between a honeysuckle and a bindweed. “The fragrant honeysuckle spirals clockwise to the sun, And many other creepers do the same. But some climb anti-clockwise, the bindweed does, for one, Or Convolvulus, to give her proper name.” The love affair is doomed, as a passing bee tells them to consider their future offshoots: “Poor little sucker, how will it learn, When it is climbing, which way to turn? Right, left, what a disgrace, Or it may go straight up and fall flat on its face!”
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