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HISTORY IN THE MAKING (R3x32) 1s start on opposite sides Amanda Peart  1- 8 1M, with 2L+3L following, dances across the set, dances down behind the men’s line, across the bottom of the set, and up the ladies side to places  9-16 1s cross down into reels of 3 on opposite sides (1L with ladies, 1M with men), with 1s ending in the centre facing 2nd place for …. 17-20 RH across for the Men and LH across for the Ladies (on the sides) 21-24 1s change sides, into RH across on the Men’s side and LH across on the Ladies’ side, all finishing in original places 25-28 1s dance in, join nearer hands, dance down to 3rd place and face out (2s+3s step up) 29-32 1s+2s dance ½ Fig. of 8 around 3s (in 2nd place), 2s crossing down to start Finish (2) 3 1
Dedicated to my three children, Daniel, Louise & Julia, who all studied history at university. Daniel is now Dr. Daniel Peart, Lecturer in American History at Queen Mary’s, London. Louise has an MA (US Political History) and is teaching History and Politics in Hornsey, N. London. Julia has recently completed her MA (Contemporary History & Politics) whilst working in the Finance department of UCL Hospitals, London, where she is gaining accountancy qualifications.
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