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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on:
The tune of the same name was composed by Hugh Ferguson but as yet has not been recorded. Recommended recordings to use are: Lt.Shortland’s Reel - Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band on Strictly Scottish Volume Two Tigh Mor - The Ian Muir Sound on 2 nd  Kirkbrae Collection of Evelyn Ramwell Gus’s Reel - Colin Dewar & his Scottish Band on The Ruthven Collection ‘Black Watch Edition’
BRECON IN MARCH (R5x40) Sq. set (5s facing 1s) Peter Wright (Bristol RSCDS)  1- 8 1s+5s ½ R&L, 1M RH across with 4s whilst 1L RH across with 2s, ending with 1s in centre, 1M facing down and 1L facing up  9-16 1s set, ½ turn RH, 1M LH across with 3s whilst 1L LH across with 5s (in 1 st  place), 1s pass LSh, 1M facing 4M and 1L facing 2M 17-24 1s+2s+4s parallel LSh reels of 3, finishing with 1s BtoB, nearer hands joined with ‘reelers’ (1M between 4M & 2L all facing up towards 5s NHJ,  1L between 4L & 2M all facing down towards 3s NHJ) 25-32 All set, 1s make arches with 5s+3s dancing under, all set and turn about on 2 nd  step, repeat arches 33-40 5s+2s+3s+4s all turn partner RH and chase 3 places clockwise whilst 1s ‘do something inventive’, finishing with 1s facing 1 st  place (2s) ready to start again