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The Sunday Class
2011 June 26 th 2016 August 7 th
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The Clachan Bridge is a simple, single-arched, hump-backed masonry bridge spanning the Clachan Sound, 7 miles southwest of Oban, linking the west coast of the Scottish mainland with the island of Seil, which was the home of the late Frances Shand Kydd, mother of Diana, Princess of Wales. Originally designed by Thomas Telford, and built between 1792 and 1793 by engineer Robert Mylne, the bridge became known as 'The Bridge over the Atlantic'. It was designed with a high arch, of roughly 22 metres span and about 12 metres above the bed of the channel, to allow the passage of vessels of up to 40 tonnes at high tide. The bridge is still in use today, forming part of the B844 road, and is in the care of Historic Scotland. Even though the Clachan Bridge and Seil's island status has existed for hundreds of years, in November 2010 the Scottish Government decided Seil is not an island at all and so announced a reduction in the Special Islands Needs Allowance which is paid to local authorities with inhabited islands to help cover the additional costs of providing public services over water. Seumas Anderson, chairman of the local community council, is also confused over the change of status. He said: "Seil has always been regarded as an island, with a slight advantage. The name is the Isle of Seil, which says it all in the title. We have a lot of inhabited islands, all with their unique problems, whether it be a quarter of a mile or 20 yards of water between them and the mainland." The recommended tune for this dance is ‘The Music o’ Spey’ by James Scott Skinner which is also the main tune for Miss Gibson’s Strathspey, another of Derek Haynes’ dances.
BRIDGE OVER THE ATLANTIC (S3x32)   Derek Haynes+John Gradon (1975)  Carnforth Collection 3  1- 8 1s+2s+3s dance reflection reels of 3 on sides (1s in & down to start), 1s+2s continue reel to change places & 1s turn to face up on outside  9-16 All dance 3H across on sides (Ladies LH & Men RH), on bar 10 1s cross to join opposite wheel (Lady in front of Man), on bar 13 1s cross back to own side to continue wheels & rotate until 1s are at the top 17-24 1s followed by 3s+2s dance down the middle & back with 3s & 2s dividing to dance up behind 1s in order 1 3 2 25-32 All dance Allemande to end 2 3 1