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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2017 November 19 th 2018 February 18 th
This   dance   by   Gaye   Collin   was   published   in   her   book   From   Paper   to   Pearl   in   2011.   In   the   US   and   New   Zealand where   Gaye   lives,   Paper   signifies   the   first   (wedding)   anniversary   (in   the   UK,   Cotton   is   1 st    and   Paper   2 nd )   and   Pearl is universally recognised for a 30 th  anniversary. The   Sunday   Class   is   working   closely   with   Gaye   &   her   husband   Damon   to   reach   a   wider   market   for   her   dances   and, to   this   end,   From   Paper   to   Pearl      was   reprinted   in   the   UK   in   2018   and   will   be   available   for   purchase   through   The Sunday   Class   Shop    (with   free   postage   worldwide!).   Gaye’s   third   book   of   dances   is   due   for   publication   very   soon and   will   be   accompanied   by   a   CD   by   Marian Anderson’s   Scottish   Dance   Band.   This   project   has   been   made   possible through the co-operation with The Sunday Class.
BORN TO DANCE (J8x32)  Gaye Collin  From Paper To Pearl  1- 8 1s   dance   down,   cast   up   round   3s,   turn   LH,   finish   in   centre   1M   facing 3s, 1L facing 2s (2s step up 3-4)  9-16 1M+3s,   1L+2s   dance   RH   across   (2   bars),   all   drop   hands   &   chase clockwise   to   finish   in   lines   of   3   across,   Ladies   at   top   facing   down, Men at bottom facing up 17-24 All   advance,   set   turning   Right   about,   2L   followed   by   1L+3L   also   3M followed   by   1M+2M   dance   across   set   &   down/up   own   sides   to   3   1   2 (2L turning to face up) 25-32 ½   RSh   reels   on   sides   (1L+2L,   1M+3M   pass   RSh   to   start),   1s   turn   LH   to 2nd place own side, 3s+1s+2s set