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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2019 July 28 th 2020 March 1 st
THE BORROWER   (R8x32)  Craig Houston (2017)  1- 8 1s+2s Set&Rotate, 1s finish facing 2s  9-16 2s+1s+3s parallel RSh reels of 3 on sides 17-24 2s+1s+3s set, La Baratte with partner 25-32 3s,   with   1s   &   2s   following,   dance   down   for   2   bars,   change   sides   with Lady dancing under Man’s arm, dance up to place, all set
For   Aileen   Napper   who   lives   on   the   Isle   of   Wight.   Due   to   Aileen's   and   Craig's   height   difference   Craig   always commented   when   dancing   with   Aileen   that   it   was   like   dancing   with   a   borrower!   Bars   19-24   suit   the   height difference very well. Useful information about borrowers: "The   Borrowers"   is   a   children's   fantasy   novel   by   the   English   author   Mary   Norton,   published   in   1952.   It features   a   family   of   tiny   people   who   live   secretly   in   the   walls   and   floors   of   an   English   house   and   "borrow" from   the   big   people   in   order   to   survive.   The   Borrowers   also   refers   to   the   series   of   five   novels   including The Borrowers and four sequels that feature the same family after they leave "their" house.   (borrowed from Wikipedia.) And   a   personal   note   -   I   first   learnt   La   Baratte   at   a   class   taught   by   Graham   Donald   when   Craig   was   my   ‘partner’ for   the   formation,   and   it   was   SO   easy,   dancing   it   with   someone   considerably   taller   than   me.   It   took   me   a   while after that to actually learn how to do it properly with ‘any’ partner and as either gender!