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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on:
BONNIE STRONSHIRAY  (S8x32) Robert M Campbell  Glasgow Assembly  1- 8 1s+2s ¾ turn 2H to form line up/down centre & dance ½ reel of 4, ¾ turn partners 2H to own sides (having changed places)  9-16 1s set adv to partner & turn 1 st  corner 2H ending 1L between 2s & 1M between 3s, set adv to 2 nd  corner & turn 2H end 2 nd  place opposite sides 17-24 2s+1s+3s cross RH & 1s cast to right round 3 rd  corner (positions)  while corners turn right about & Adv+Ret (on diagonal), 2s+1s+3s cross RH (up/down set), 1s cast to right round 4 th  corner (positions) & in to face them as 2s+3s turn right about & Adv+Ret 25-32 1s dance ½ RSh reel of 4 with 4 th  corner (positions), pass LSh & dance ½ reel with 3 rd  corner (positions) & turn RH back to place Dance notes: The dancers should finish Bar 2 leaving enough space between each other to dance the following half reel of four comfortably.
Devised in April 1963 by Bob Campbell of Ontario, Canada who died in February 1993 after a long struggle with cancer. Stronshiray is the former name of the part of south-west Argyll from which his family came. The recommended music, by the same name, was composed by Nan Main and an alternative tune, Miss Irene Fidler’s Strathspey, was composed by Christopher Blair.