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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2013 May 12 th
THE BONNIE TREE (S8x32) Romaine Butterfield  RSCDS Book 46  1- 8 1s dance down below 3s & cast up behind 3s, dance up between 2s & cast to 2nd place  9-16 2s+1s+3s ½ turn partner 2H & twirl to cast into partner’s place, all circle 6H round to left ¾ way into lines across (Men facing down at top) 17-20 1s change places RH & cast right to 2nd place own side while (bar 19) 3M+2L change places diagonally RH 21-24 1s cross RH & cast right into middle while (bar 23) 2M+3L change places RH, all end in lines across (Ladies facing down, Men up) 25-32 All ½ turn partner 2H & cast right to opposite place, all circle 6H round to left to own sides  2 1 3
Dedicated    to    the    memory    of    Catriona    Budge,    a    dancer    in    Wellington,    New    Zealand    and    a    staunch environmentalist.   At   Catriona’s   funeral   it   was   suggested   that   those   present   should   each   plant   a   tree   in   her memory. This is Romaine’s tree. There was na sic a bonnie tree In all the country side From Oh Rowan Tree in Lays from Strathearn by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne. The   tune   published   in   Book   46   is   called   Bonnie   Glenfarclas,   composed   by   Frank   Thomson.   Glenfarclas   translates as    meaning    ‘valley    of    the    green    grass’    and    the    Glenfarclas    distillery    is    a    Speyside    whisky    distillery    in Ballindalloch,   first   licensed   in   1836,   owned   and   run   by   the   Grant   family   since   1865   -   John   Grant,   then   aged   60, bought   the   distillery   for   £511.19s.0d   and   his   great   great   grandson   is   now   Chairman.   The   distillery   has   six   stills which   are   the   largest   on   Speyside   and   are   heated   directly   by   gas   burners,   giving   the   distillery   a   production capacity   of   around   90,000   litres   of   finished   whisky   per   year,   with   normally   four   stills   used   for   production   and   two kept in reserve. Glenfarclas    produce    a    traditional    Speyside    malt    with    a    heavy    sherry    influence    and    the    distillery    has approximately   50,000   casks   maturing   on   site,   in   traditional   dunnage   warehouses.   In   2007   Glenfarclas   launched The   Family   Casks,   a   collection   of   43   single   cask   bottlings,   with   one   from   every   year   from   1952   to   1994.   In January 2011 Glenfarclas released a limited edition bottling to mark the distillery's 175th anniversary. The company was named Distiller of the Year by Whisky Magazine in 2006.