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The Sunday Class
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The Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord is a tune by James Scott Skinner, ‘The Strathspey King’, inspired by girl called (Wilhelmina) Mina Bell. In Skinner’s life story, which was serialised in the People's Journal in the early 1920s, he tells how he met a servant girl - “who it was plainly to be seen was a 'cut' above the ordinary servant lass of those days and proved herself a splendid 'tripper of the light fantastic toe'." At the first opportunity Skinner spoke to her and she told him that her father used to play bass fiddle for Skinner's father. Skinner said she was a splendid dancer and asked: "Hoo comes it that you are a servant lass here?" The girl's eyes filled with tears and replied, "My father was a farmer at Cockley, Maryculter, but he's living oot at Newtonhill now." "How's that?" asked Skinner, sensing tragedy. "Oh", sobbed Mina, "my father signed a bill for a freen and got it a' tae pey. That was his ruin. He is now glad of a day's work and that is why I am here." "Never mind, my lassie, I'll mak' a tune that'll keep ye in min' when we’re baith deid."  Next morning Skinner composed The Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord. When the memorial to Scott Skinner was unveiled at Allenvale Cemetery in Aberdeen, on November 28, 1931, Mina Bell was an honoured guest.
THE BONNIE LASS O' BON ACCORD (S64) Sq.Set John Drewry  Bon Accord Book  1 - 8 (8 bar introduction) All stand for 4 bars then bow/curtsey to Partner and, taking a short step away from partner, bow/curtsey to Corner  9-16 1s+3s lead RH into centre & lead opposite person through side couples, cross, cast to meet partner & turn RH to end with Lady on Man’s left 17-24 2s+4s repeat & end with Men facing out 25-32 All dance full interlocking Reels of 4 across giving LH in centre, ending with Ladies dancing clockwise round outside of set to meet next Man as Men dance anticlockwise (from LH across) to meet next Lady (contra corners) 33-38 Men turn Lady RH into Allemande hold, dance round anticlockwise ½ way & turn Ladies to face them (as ordinary allemande) 39-40 All cast round to right passing original partner & turn in to face them 41-48 All dance Grand Chain 49-56 All set to partners & turn 2H opening into 4H round (1s+4s & 2s+3s) opening into 57-64 All circle 8H round & back