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The Sunday Class Castle Bytham Village Hall, Pinfold Lane
Eastwell (in the Vale of Belvoir) Village Hall
Castle   Bytham   Village   Hall   is   situated   near the   top   of   Pinfold   Lane,   off   the   High   Street. From   the A1,   Pinfold   Lane   is   the   second   road on   the   left.   From   Little   Bytham/   Stamford the   junction   is   on   the   right   just   after   the   Fox and Hounds pub. Postcode NG33 4RG.
Eastwell   Village   Hall   is   on   the   main   street   in Eastwell   in   the   middle   of   the   village.   There is   no   car   park,   so   please   park   considerately on the roadside. Postcode LE14 4EH.
Classes are held at:
Castle Bytham Village Hall