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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 7 th  January 2024
For   9   years   I   was   involved   in   the   organisation   of   ‘Dancing   Holidays’ in   Portugal,   Spain   &   Italy   at   the   end   of   February   (dancing   to   CDs) and   in   March   with   Marian   Anderson   &   her   Band   providing   the music.   Those   days   are   now   behind   us   and   I   have   no   plans   for   any more holidays abroad.
Dancing Holidays
Amanda Peart Tel: 07773 922020
Dancing Holidays in the UK I   now   run   two   5-day   UK-based   holidays   a   year,   in   January-March   and   September.   These   holidays   follow   the same   pattern   -   a   first   (Sunday)   evening   dancing   to   recorded   music,   then   4   evenings   (Monday-Thursday) dancing   to   Marian   Anderson,   Issy   Hodgson   &   Max   Ketchin,   with   Alex   Hodgson   entertaining   us   before   and after dancing. We are now booked for: 2024 Sunday 24 th - Friday 29 th  March The Bedford Hotel, Lytham St Annes  4 nights dancing to Marian & her Band (first night to recorded music) Sunday 15 th - Friday 20 th  September Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren  4 nights dancing to Marian & her Band (first night to recorded music) I   am   also   the   Weeknd   Coordinator   for   RSCDS   Sutton   Coldfield   Weekend   of   Dance   over   the   third   weekend in   October.   For   many   years   this   has   been   held   at   The   Paddocks,   Symonds   Yat,   but   in   2024   we   are   trying   the new   venue   of   Rendezvous   Hotel,   Skipton.   The   weekend   format   is   full   board,   2   evening   Dances   to   live   music, and 2 morning classes, again to live music. Friday 18 th - Sunday 20 th  October Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton 
Lytham St Annes in March Lytham St Annes in March Devon in September Devon in September Weekend of Dance Weekend of Dance