The Sunday Class
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THE ZOOLOGIST (J8x32)  Duncan Brown  RSCDS Book 46  1- 8 1s cross down between 2s+3s & cast to right to face 2L/3M, dance ½ LSh reel of 3 across (1L with 2s, 1M with 3s) & end facing 1 st  corner (position)  9-16 1s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 & pass RSh to face 2 nd  corner (position), 1s dance ½ diagonal reel & end in double triangle positions (facing opposite sides) 17-24 1s dance Double Triangles & end in middle facing opposite sides RSh to RSh 25-32 1s dance LH across (M with 3s at top & L with 2s), 1M followed by 3M+3L also 1L followed by 2L+2M pass RSh diagonally across to change ends & loop round to right to end on own sides  2 1 3
2011 July 31 st 2013 January 13 th
This dance was devised by Duncan Brown, of Exeter, and dedicated in memory of the late Professor Ian Linn, a past Chairman of Exeter Branch. The recommended tune is “The Turn of the Tide” by Ian Hardie. Ian Linn was a founding member and Honorary Secretary of The Mammal Society, and organised the Society’s first Easter Conference and AGM held at Exeter University in 1955. The British Deer Society, the Bat Conservation Trust and Badgers Trust have all been formed from The Mammal Society and the Society remains an authority on the study of mammals, their biology and the conservation issues affecting them.
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