The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
YTHANSIDE (S8x32) John Drewry  Brodie Book  1- 8 1s set, cross down to 2 nd  place opposite sides, cast round to right & change places with partner RH to face up/down  9-16 1s dance reels of 3 across (RSh to 3 rd  corner - 1M with 2s & 1L with 3s) & 1s end in lines across 1M between 2s &1L between 3s 17-24 2s+1s+3s set, all change places RH with opposite person, set, 1s cast clockwise to outside 2 nd  place own sides as 2s+3s ½ turn 2H on sides & face out 25-32 Men also Ladies circle 3H round to left on own sides & 3L/2M lead into 6H round to left to places.  2 1 3
The Ythan River rises at Wells of Ythan near the village of Ythanwells and flows into the sea about 12 miles north of Aberdeen. The Ythan Estuary is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and there is permitted access to the site for all sorts of lesuire activities from birdwatching to fishing, and canoeing to wildfowling. There are traces of two Roman marching camps at Wells of Ythan, where a series of natural springs supplies potable water. The larger camp, covering some 100 acres was discovered in 1785 by Col. Alex Shand. A smaller camp, extending to 32 acres and partially overlapping the area of the first, was discovered by J. K. St Joseph in 1968. This smaller camp predates the larger and has been dated to the campaigns of Agricola. The name is believed to have originated from an old Pictish word of Brythonic origin meaning gorse. Ythanside appears in traditional songs ....... As I cam' in by Ythanside Where gently flows the rolling tide A fair pretty maid passed by my side And her looks did me ensnare. She's ta'en me tae her faither's hame Sae bashfully as I gaed ben, Say's he "Young man ye're far fae hame On bonnie Ythanside."