The Sunday Class
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The   wallaby   is   a   pest   which   eats   the   native   vegetation   where   the   deviser   lives   in   rural   New   Zealand.   It   was introduced to the town as a present for a lady who lived there years ago.
Taught/practised on: 2016 September 25 th
THE WANDERING WALLABY  (J4x32) Peter Fish RSCDS Book 50 (Spring Fling)  1- 8 All circle 8H round & back  9-16 All dance reel of 4 on own side 17-24 1s,   followed   by   2s,   3s   &   4s,   cast   off,   dance   down   outside,   meet, dance up centre to finish in centre 25-32 1s,   NHJ,   set   twice   &   cast   to   4 th    place   as   2s+3s+4s   dance   Promenade, dancing up one place on 31-32 to finish 2 3 4 1