The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
THE WALTHAM LADIES (M-(S32+S32+R32))  Amanda Peart  Ladies introduction:  1- 4 1L advance and retire setting  5-16 2L, 3L then 4L in turn repeat bars 1-4 17-24 All circle 8H round & back 25-32 Interlocking R&Ls: 1s face 3s whilst 2s & 4s face partner and all dance standard R&Ls within those couples Chorus: 33-36 All set and turn partner ¾ RH, so the ladies are in the middle 37-40 All Ladies LH across ½ way, turn opposite man RH 41-44 All Ladies LH across ½ way, turn partner RH, ending with ladies in centre facing partner 45-48 All Ladies dance RSh round partner   49-56 All Ladies dance (anti-clockwise) inside set and take next man in promenade hold, promenade one place, leave that man, dance on to pick up next man and promenade one place, finishing with men opposite original place and ladies in centre facing their original place 57-64 All turn RH, all Ladies LH across ½ way, turn partner 1¼ RH (4 bars), ending all facing partner Change to reel time: 65-96 Repeat bars 33-64 (Chorus) ending with a birl
Devised in 2010 (as a 128 bar jig) for all the ‘Waltham Ladies’ who went to dances and were referred to by that title and dedicated to Wendy Stanley, one of the originals and best, who left us all too soon on November 8 th   2010. Revised in 2012 and changed into a medley.