The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2010 April 11 th
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (J8x32) Martin Sheffield  1- 8 1s petronella turn into centre & set, turning to right (individually) & cast round 4 th  corner to 2 nd  place own side  9-12 1s set as 2s & 3s ¾ turn RH, 1s+2M+3L (centre 4) dance LH across ½ way while 2L & 3M dance round clockwise to sides 13-16 3L+2M set holding LH as 1s ½ turn 2L/3M, 3s+2s (centre 4) dance LH across ½ way as 1s dance round clockwise to centre 17-20 2L+3M set holding LH as 1L+2M also 3L+1M ½ turn RH, 1s+2L+3M (centre 4) dance LH across ½ way while 2M & 3L dance round clockwise to sides 21-24 2s & 3s turn partners 1¼ times (on sides) while 1s set & change places passing RSh to form a circle (Ladies at top & Men at bottom) 25-32 1s+2s+3s circle 6H round to left to end all on opposite sides, all set & cross back RH.  2 1 3 Bars 9-16 As the 2nd fig. of Nottingham Lace but danced by 3 couples.
The original script of this dance was posted on the Strathspey Server with the following comments: The remarkable quantity and quality of e-mail I found on my return from GB appears to have affected my brain. Last night it was so over-stimulated that I had difficulty getting to sleep and tried the usually somniferous exercise of counting dancers and steps. This time, however, the wool did not accumulate in the usual way around the 17th bar, and all of a sudden all six of my mental dancers were in the right places on bar 32. Devised by M Sheffield in the very wee hours of 6 January 1998, after an overdose of e-mail.