The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2012 April 29 th
Robert Burns wrote: Go, fetch to me a pint o’ wine, And fill it in a silver tassie, That I may drink before I go A service to my bonnie lassie.
SILVER TASSIE  (S8x32) John Drewry  Bon Accord Book  1- 8 1s+2s+3s cross RH & set, cross back RH & set 9-16 1s & 3s double fig of 8 round 2s (3s casting) 17-24 1s followed by 2s+3s dance down, 1s followed by 2s+3s (who part to let 1s through) dance back to top, turning in to face down NHJ, 2s face up NHJ, 3s retire to place 25-32    1s+2s dance the Rondel: Bar 1: 1s dance down under arch made by 2s, who dance up 2-3: Ladies cross in front of Men, all cast to meet other Lady/Man on opposite sides and join hearer hands 4: Ladies dance under arch made by Men, ending on own sides 5-6: 1s cast up outside 2s who dance down, all curving in to meet partner, joining nearer hands (as at end of bar 24) 7-8: 1s dance down under arch made by 2s who dance up, and all dance out to sidelines having changed places