The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 April 28 th
OUTSIDE THE BOX  (J4x32)  2s & 4s on opposite sides Duncan Brown  1- 4 All dance Set&Link in tandem: 1-2 All join hands on sidelines & set 3-4 1L, 2M, 3M & 4L pull back RSh & cast 2 places; 1M, 2L, 3L & 4M dance forwards 2 places & curve round RSh back to face in  5- 8 1s+4s (in centre) dance RH across just under once round finishing in the middle with 4L, with 1M behind her, facing 3M (in 1M’s place) & 1L, with 4M behind her, facing 2M (in 4L's place)  9-12 4L+1M & 1L+4M dance a ½ diag. Alternating Tandem reel of 4 with 2M & 3M, on bar 12 1s & 4s ½ turn partner LH to finish 4L with 1M behind her facing up and 1L with 4M behind her facing down 13-16 4L+1M & 1L+4M dance a ½ diag. Alternating Tandem reel of 4 with 2L & 3L, 1s finish in 3 rd  place facing in and down & 4s finish facing in and up in 2 nd  place 17-20 2L+4L & 3L+1L turn RH whilst 2M+4M & 3M+1M turn LH 21-24 4s dance ½ fig. of 8 up through 2s whilst 1s dance ½ fig. of 8 down through 3s, to 2(4)1(3) 25-32 All dance 8H round & back
Devised in 2012 for Chris Ronald, who when devising dances is always willing to think Outside the Box. Recommended Tune: "Combined Effort" (J Holland & P Cranford) - Jerry Holland's Collection (or an online version is on John Chambers' ABC site)