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West   Midlands   bus   route   11,   also   known   as   the   Birmingham   Outer   Circle,   is   a   27-mile   route   operated   by   National Express,   which   circumnavigates   Birmingham   via   the   A4040   and   passes   Kenneth   Reid’s   house.   It   is   the   longest urban bus route in Europe and operates in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions as routes 11C and 11A. It   first   came   into   existence   as   two   routes   in   1923:   route   10   ran   from   King's   Heath   to   the   King's   Head   (Hagley   Road) via   Cotteridge,   and   route   11   from   Six   Ways   Erdington   to Acocks   Green   and   Moseley.   The   route   was   first   operated as   a   complete   circuit   on   26 April   1926,   the   idea   being   to   better   link   the   suburbs   of   Birmingham,   as   most   routes   at that time travelled in and out of the city. A   full   circuit   takes   up   to   three   hours   to   complete,   with   the   service   carrying   50,000   passengers   each   day.   There are   266   bus   stops   on   the   route   which   serves   233   schools,   colleges   or   universities,   69   leisure   and   community facilities,   40   pubs,   19   retail   centres,   six   hospitals,   and   one   prison.   It   also   links   around   15   commercial   centres, and passes Cadbury's in Bournville, one of the world's largest chocolate factories.
Taught/practised on: 2018 February 18 th March 25 th
THE OUTER CIRCLE  (R8x48)  Kenneth Reid  Birmingham Diamond Jubilee  1- 8 1s   cross   RH   &   cast   1   place,   dance   ½   Figs   of   8   (1M   round   2s   &   1L round 3s) & end facing 1 st  corners  9-16 1s+1 st  corners dance Diagonal Chain: -  9-10    1s ½ turn 1st corners RH 11-14      1s   chase   clockwise   ½   way   round   outside   of   set   while   1 st    corner persons turn LH 1½ times 15-16   1s ½ turn original 1 st  corner persons RH to face them 17-24 1s   dance   reels   of   3   on   own   sides   (RSh   to   3 rd    corner   position)   &   end facing 2 nd  corners 25-32 1s+2 nd     corners    dance    Diagonal    Chain    to    end    facing    4 th     corner (position) 33-40 1s   dance   reels   of   3   across   (1L   with   3s   at   top   &   1M   with   2s   giving   RSh to    4 th     corner    position)    &    end    looping    round    to    face    1 st     corners (position) 41-48 1s   dance   ½   diagonal   reel   of   4   with   1 st    corners,   pass   LSh   &   dance   ½ reel with 2 nd  corners, 1s end passing RSh to 2 nd  place own side