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County Armagh   (named   after   its   county   town, Armagh)   is   one   of   six   counties   that   form   Northern   Ireland   and   one of   the   32   traditional   counties   of   Ireland,   situated   in   the   northeast   of   the   island,   within   the   historic   province   of Ulster.   Adjoined   to   the   southern   shore   of   Lough   Neagh,   the   county   covers   an   area   of   1,326   km²   and   has   a population   of   about   175,000.   County   Armagh   is   known   as   the   "Orchard   County"   because   of   its   many   apple orchards. There   is   a   history   of   apple   growing   in   Armagh   dating   back   3,000   years.   Saint   Patrick   planted   an   apple   tree   at Ceangoba,   an   ancient   settlement   east   of   the   city   of Armagh.   Today   more   than   4000   acres   of Armagh   are   covered by   apple   trees   and   the   area   comes   alive   with   colour   in   Spring   as   the   pink   flowers   of   the   apple   trees   blanket   much of the deep green landscape. Approximately   90%   of   the   crops   are   Armagh   Bramley   Apples.   The   Armagh   Bramley   was   awarded   PGI   (Protected Geographical Indication) status in 2012.
Taught/practised on: 2017 January 22 nd February 26 th July 16 th July 30 th
THE ORCHARDS OF COUNTY ARMAGH  (S3x32)  Jinty Anderson  Belfast Platinum Anniversary  1- 6 All chase clockwise ½ way to opposite sides, & set  7- 8 3s & 1s turn ¾ RH to centre line, Men facing down  9-12 3s+1s   ½   reel   of   4,   1M   &   3L   pass   LSh   to   face   2s   across   set   (M-M,   L-L), 1L & 3M remain on centre line 13-16 1M+2s+3L   ½   reel   of   4   across,   1M   &   3L   pass   LSh   to   face   partner   on centre line 17-20 1s+3s   ½   reel   of   4,   1M   &   3L   pass   LSh   to   face   partner   again   on   centre line 21-24 3s+1s set & petronella turn to finish own sides 3 2 1 25-28 2s followed by 1s dance up to top & cast off to finish 3 1 2 29-32 All turn partner 2H