The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 September 1st September 8th
THE ONE O'CLOCK CANON (R5x32) 4 couple set Ian Brockbank  RSCDS Book 47 Each couple dance 64 bars - a new couple starts after 32 bars (i.e. on bars 1, 33, 65 & 97)  1- 8 1st couple cross RH, cast down 2 places, cross RH & cast up to 2nd place  9-16 1st couple dance RH across with couple above, 1st couple dance LH across with couple below 17-24 All dance RSh reels of 4 on sides 25-32 1st couple turn RH on sides with person above, 1st dance LH across with couple below & 1st couple cast to 3rd place 33-40 (New Couple starts as at bar 1) as 1s dance R&L with bottom couple NB new dancing couple will dance through middle of R&L 41-48 Top couples also bottom couples dance RH across, middle couples dance LH across 49-56 All dance RSh reels of 4 on sides 57-64 Top couples also bottom couples turn RH on sides, middle couples dance LH across & cast 1 place as bottom couple move up to 2nd place
The One o'Clock Gun is fired from Mill's Mount Battery in Edinburgh Castle at 1:00 pm every day, except Sunday, Good Friday and Christmas Day. It was established in 1861 as a time signal for sailing ships in the Firth of Forth to check their chronometers. Although it is no longer needed for this purpose, the ceremony is maintained as a popular tourist attraction. A (musical) canon is a piece of music in which two or more voices or instruments sing or play the same music starting at different times. There are different kinds of canon, which are described according to the distances between the entries of the voices. These distances can be in time (number of bars or part bars apart), pitch (note intervals), or speed. A round is a type of canon in which each voice, when it finishes, starts again at the beginning so the piece goes ‘round and round’.
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