The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2014 April 27th
MOROCCAN MAGIC (R8x32) Terry Lynne Harris  Many Happy Hours – Pretoria 35th   1- 8 1s+2s dance the Knot, 1s finishing facing 1st corners 9-16 1s dance Pass & Turn with 1st corners, & 2nd corners, finishing facing out on own sides 17-24 1s dance RSh reels of 3 on own sides (6 bars), 1s turn RH to finish in centre in 2nd place facing down 25-32 1s lead down for 4 bars, lady dances under man’s arm, lead back up to 2nd place
The recommended music for this dance is “Miss Betsy Robertson” (trad.) which has been recorded by at least 15 different artists, always as a strathspey. This dance begins with The Knot which was devised as a strathspey formation and yet the dance is a reel. It dances very nicely as a strathspey, and The Knot in reel-time loses its elegance ..... Moroccan House is a guest-house in the Pretoria suburbs where visitors are treated to a visual feast of authentic hand-made Moroccan crafts and magical lanterns. The rooftop café captures the essence of a Moroccan house's entertainment area - in the Moroccan culture the highest form of honour, is to be invited into someone's home for a meal. Some recommendations from the menu are: Moroccan-infused cordials - rose, mint, rosemary lemonade, cinnamon citrus - Moroccan magic juice! Kefta tagine - egg poached in spicy moroccan meatballs in tomato sauce served with fresh spiced bread. Rghaif - Moroccan pancake drizzled with honey-butter served with fresh fruit and spiced syrup.
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