The Sunday Class
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MORAY RANT (S3x48) John Drewry Silver City Book 1-8 1s dance Inveran Reels with 2s+3s & end with 1s crossing RH to opposite sides 9-16 1s set advancing & turn 2H, lead down & dance out between 2s & 3s, cast behind 3s & turn into face 3s 17-24 1s set & turn 3s (1s dancing out at sides), lead up between 3s, dance out between 2s & 3s, cast up behind 2s & turn into face 2s 25-32 1s set & turn 2s (1s dancing out at sides) into 1 st  place opposite sides & dance ½ fig of 8 round 2s back to 1 st  place on own sides 33-40 1s+2s circle 4H once round to Left, 1s facing 2s set & 1s cast to 2 nd  place as 2s lead up to 1 st  place 41-48 1s+3s circle 4H once round to Left, 1s facing 3s set & 1s cast to 3 rd  place as 3s lead up to 2 nd  place
Taught/practised on: 2012 May 27 th 2014 November 2 nd November 30 th 2016 May 8 th
This dance was devised  about 1968 and dedicated to Jennifer Wilson of Elgin when  published in The Silver City Book. The suggested tunes are "Tae Gar Ye Loup"  by Drummond Cook (who unfortunately recorded it as a 4 x 48 strathspey), and also "The Duchess Tree" by J Scott Skinner. John Drewry’s adopted city of Aberdeen is known by several names and in 1950 a guidebook was published titled “Aberdeen the Silver City with the Golden Sands”. Gilbert Summers ( owns a copy of this wonderful book and tells us of the city it promotes.