The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 July 29 th
THE MEXICAN WAVE (J5x40) Amanda Peart  1 All taking hands on the side,1s advance one step  2 1s+2s advance one step  3 1s retire one step whilst 2s+3s advance one step  4 1s+2s retire one step whilst 3s+4s advance one step  5- 6 1s stand, 2s retire one step and stand, 3s retire two steps, 4s advance for one step and retire for one step, and 5s advance for two steps  7- 8 1s+2s+3s stand, whilst 4s retire for one step and stand, and 5s retire for two steps  9-10 1s cross RH 11-12 1s cast off (2s step up) whilst 3s cross RH 13-14 1s+3s ½ RH across 15-16 3s+1s set 17-18 1s cross RH 19-20 1s cast off (4s step up) whilst 5s cross RH 21-22 1s+5s ½ RH across  23-24 5s+1s set 25-28 5s+1s, 3s+4s RH across 29-32 2s+3s, 4s+5s LH across 33-36 2s stand, 3s stand for 3 bars and then advance for one whilst 4s stand for 2 bars and then advance for two, 5s stand for one and advance for two and retire for one, 1s advance for two and retire for two 37-40 2s advance for two retire for two whilst 3s advance for one, retire for two, stand for one, 4s retire for two and stand, 5s retire for one and stand, & 1s turn RH (4 bar birl) – 4s+5s can have a wee birl too if they feel like it!
Version 2 of an idea of mine - it's all in the name! - which still didn't work. Maybe someone, one day, will come up with the improvement that this dance needs but until then I won't be giving it any more thought!