The Sunday Class
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2010 March 28th
THE MAZE (R8x40)  Nancy Hutchinson  Glenfinnan Book  1- 8 1s turn RH, cast 1 place & turn LH to face 1st corners  9-16 1s dance ½ diagonal reels of 4 with 1st corners & ½ reel of 4 with 2nd corners ending 2nd place opposite sides 17-24 1s set & petronella turn to centre as 2s+3s petronella turn to centre & set (3L+2M change places when setting), 1s+2s+3s repeat to sides 25-32 1s+2s+3s repeat bars 17-24 (3M+2L change places when setting), 1s end dancing into centre & individually turn ¼ right into … 33-40 1L with 2s also 1M with 3s dance RH across, 1s pass RSh to dance LH across with other couple
This dance, devised in 1975, was published by the London (Ontario) Branch of the RSCDS and the recommended tune is “Johnnie in Nether Mains” as in None So Pretty and Mrs Stuart Linnell.
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