The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
Several times in 2010 2011 Feb 6 th Feb 20 th Mar 6 th Mar 27 th Oct 9 th 2012 Jan 15 th Mar 4 th Mar 25 th Aug 19 th Nov 4 th Nov 18 th Nov 25 th Dec 9 th 2013 Jan 13 th 2014 Feb 2 nd Feb 16 th 2015 Aug 23 rd Nov 22 nd Nov 29 th 2017 Apr 2 nd
MRS STUART LINNELL (R8x40) John Bayly Imperial 3  1- 8 1s set & cast 1 place, 2s+1s+3s set and then 2M & 3L cast into 2 nd places while 1s set adv & turn right about to face them (1M facing 2M & 1L facing 3L in a line across) while 2L & 3M petronella right to face each other on the centre line (2L at top, 3M at bottom)    9-12 1s+2M+3L ½ reel of 4 across 13-16 1s ¾ turn LH to Lady facing up & Man down (M face M, L face L) on the centre line, 1s change places RH with facing persons (2L & 3M) 17-20 2L+3M+1s ½ reel of 4 21-24 2L+3M ¾ turn LH to face opposite sides (M facing M, L facing L) in line across, 3L+2L, 3M+2M change place RH with facing persons 25-28 2L+3L, 2M+3M dance ½ reel of 4 across 29-32 All set (3M facing 2M, 3L facing 2L in line across in 2 nd  place, 1s facing up & down on centre line), 2M+3M & 2L+3L ¾ turn RH onto sides while 1s set & turn right about on spot to form a circle with 1s+2s+3s all facing clockwise 33-36 All chase clockwise halfway 37-40 2s+3s continue to chase (3M & 2L holding back) while 1s turn RH 1¼ in centre to end on own sides 2 1 3
This dance, devised in 1976 and initially demonstrated by the Pershore SCD Club where John danced, was published in Imperial Book Vol.3 (ISTD of which John Bayly was a member) and the original tune for this dance is “Johnnie in Nether Mains” as recorded for “None So Pretty”. Colin Dewar has now released a recording specifically for this dance on his “Special Requests Vol.8” CD.