The Sunday Class
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The Marigold Figure is ‘Dance to Each Corner & Set’ without the ‘& Set’ and is the full 24 bars. Jim Lindsay has recorded music for this dance on Reel of the Puffins CD.
MARIGOLD (J8x40) James B Cosh  22 SCDs  1- 8 1s cross down below 2s, 1L casts up & 1M down, meet & turn LH to face 1st corners  9-32 2s+1s+3s dance full Marigold Fig: - `9-12 1s change places with 1st corners passing RSh, 1st corners pass RSh to face next corner (2nd corner) (2nd corners stand for 2 bars) `13-16 1st corners change places with 2nd corners passing RSh, 2nd corners pass RSh to face next corner (3rd corner) (1st corner dancers stand) `17-32  Repeat this Fig 4 more times until 2s & 3s are back in original places & 1s end facing 2nd corners 33-40 1s turn 2nd corners RH, turn 1st corners LH & dance ½ Figs of 8 (Lady round 2s & Man round 3s) to own sides
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