The Sunday Class
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2011 June 5 th
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There are 2 recommended tunes for this dance. The principle tune was composed by the late James Stanley Hamilton (former bandleader of Stan Hamilton and the Flying Scotsmen) who later received an RSCDS Scroll of Honour in 2005. Stan died in September 2007. The tune is named “Dr. Bob Smith” in honour of the man who started a new Canadian dance group in 1951 which then became RSCDS Hamilton (Ontario) Branch in 1954. The second tune is “Bert McCroskie” by Robert Frew which only appears occasionally (tune 6 on David Cunningham’s RSCDS recording for Book 22). There is a traditional tune called “Hamilton Rant” which Rob Gordon recorded but no-one else appears to use it. Robert Campbell was a member of the Hamilton (Ontario) Branch but was the dance named for the Branch or for J. Stanley Hamilton, the tune’s composer?
THE HAMILTON RANT (R8x48)  Robert M Campbell  RSCDS Book 22  1- 8 1M+2L change places RH, 1L+2M change places, 1M+3M change places & 1L+3L change places  9-16 3s+1s dance ½ R&L, 2s+1s dance ½ R&L 17-24 1s cross RH & cast 1 place, 1s turn 1¾ LH to face 1 st  corners 25-32 1s set & turn corners 2H & twirl to face partners, set to partners & turn 2H & twirl to face 2 nd  corners 33-40 1s set & turn 2 nd  corners & twirl to face partners, set to partners & turn 2H & twirl to face 2 nd  corners again 41-48 1s dance reel of 3 on opposite sides passing 2 nd  corner RSh & cross to own sides 2 nd  place