The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2012 October 28 th
HALLOWE’EN JIG  3 (J8x32) Lyn MacLeod (aka Evelyn Brown)  SCD Archives  1- 8 1s set, cast 1 place & dance RH across (Lady with 2s & Man with 3s)  9-16 1s   dance   LH   across   with   other   couple,   1s   turn   RH   1½   times   to   face 1 st  corners 17-24 1s dance ‘Hello-Goodbye’ setting ending between 2s/3s 25-32 1s Adv+Ret down/up, change places RH & cast to right to 2 nd  places  while 2s+3s dance R&L
There are three different Scottish country dances called Hallowe’en Jig, two 8x32 and an 8x40 (by John W Mitchell). A tune called The Halloween Jig was composed by Jean Duval. He named it, not because of any spookiness, but because the tune came to him on this day a few years ago. He subsequently discovered there was a traditional jig (name unknown) with an almost identical first part. There is also a tune called Halloween (which is a jig) composed by Alexander McGlashan and recorded by Ron Gonnella & George Macllwham as the third tune for The Mantua Makers (R8x32).