The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2012 January 8 th
John Drewry describes this dance as a “Pastoral  which  is  danced  to  a slow air with slow strathspey-like steps” and he recommends J. Scott Skinner’s tune “Herr Roloff’s Farewell”. The dance is inscribed for Freddy Sverdlove of New York. Of the movement “La Barrate” (The Churn), John says: This figure was danced in the Quadrilles in Canada but is now falling into disuse. It was shown to me by John Moss, who used to live in Toronto but now lives in New Brunswick, with the suggestion that I should try to put it into a Scottish dance so that it did not die out completely. Of The Haggis Tree, he says: My father’s mother claimed to belong to the same family as Sir Isaac Newton (she came from the same part of Lincolnshire). I think that there must be some truth in this claim because, one day while I was sitting under a Haggis Tree, a haggis fell on my head, making me gravitate towards Scottish Country Dancing!
THE HAGGIS TREE (S8x32) John Drewry Autumn Collection 1983  1- 8 1s set & cross RH, 1s+2s set & 1L+2L cross to other sides while 1M casts down as 2M casts up (1s on Ladies’ side, 2s on Men’s side)  9-16 1s+2s set & dance La Baratte : - `Men ½ turn Lady opposite (not partner) RH & retain hand but at arm's length from each other   `Men retrace steps with Lady turning right under Man's arm briefly into Allemande hold (Man behind Lady facing Ladies original place) & releasing Ladies RH she turns under Mans left arm until almost in original places `Couples change places LH to opposite places 17-24 1s+2s set, dance RH across 1¼ times round (4 bars), 1s dance out through original place & cast to 2 nd  place while 2s ½ turn LH to end 1 st  place own side 25-32 2s+1s set, circle 4H round to left ½ way, turn 2H (to left) opening into 4H round to left