The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
THE HAGGIS HUNTERS (M-(S64+R64))  Sq.Set Ann Dix  Reel Friends 1 Strathspey Chorus:-  1- 8 All set to partners, ¾ turn RH to end with Men (on outside) facing clockwise & Ladies facing anticlockwise, Ladies dance LH across & end in partner's place while Men dance round set ½ way to face new partner  9-16 All set to new partners, ¾ turn RH to end with Ladies (on outside) facing clockwise & Men facing anticlockwise, Men dance LH across while Ladies dance round set ½ way (all now opposite original places) 17-24 1s+3s RH across & end facing corners across set (1s & 3s BtoB with partner), dancing couples dance out between side couples & cast back to place (as at bar 16) 25-32 2s+4s repeat 33-48 Repeat 16 bar chorus 49- 56 All circle 8H round to left, set to partner & turn RH to end facing corners 57-64 All set to corners & turn LH & circle 8H round to right Repeat in Reel time all ending in original places
Devised by Ann Dix (of BHS Border Branch) in 1986. One of the recommended tunes is ‘The Conundrum’ by Peter Jnr. MacLeod and this is paired with another of his tunes - ‘Lady Lever Park’.