The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 July 26 th August 9 th October 4 th November 22 nd November 29 th
THE GOLDEN HIND  (S3/8x32)  Barry Priddey  Phantom Piper Set  1- 8 All ½ turn 2H to face up & all set, 1s cast to 3 rd  place & lead up to face 1 st  corner (position) while 2s lead to top, cross & cast to 3 rd   place while 3s lead up to top, cross & loop round to 1 st  place  3(1)2  9-16 1s dance ‘Hello-Goodbye’ setting & 1s end facing own side LSh to LSh 17-24 1s dance RH across (1M with top couple & 1L with couple in 3 rd   place), 1s (followed by 3s/2s) dance diagonally down/up passing LSh to change ends & loop round to left to end 1s in 2 nd  place (LSh Snake) 2(1)3 25-32 1s dance LH across (1M with top couple & 1L with couple in 3 rd   place), 1s (followed by 2s/3s) dance diagonally down/up passing RSh to change ends & loop round to right to end 1s in 2 nd  place all on own sides (RSh Snake)  3 1 2 Note: As the progression is 3 1 2, the dance actually works equally well as a 3-couple dance in a 4-couple set.
This dance was devised for Myra Hinde. Francis Drake was a seaman, politician and engineer but best remembered as the captain of the first English ship, The Golden Hind, to circumnavigate the globe between 1577 and 1580. The hardship endured in overcrowded and primitive quarters was unbelievable. Only 56 men survived with Drake, returning three years and 40,000 miles later, with a vast cargo of treasure worth hundreds of millions of pounds in today's money. Queen Elizabeth's share alone was more than the country's national debt. 'El Draco' or 'The Dragon' became one of the most famous men in Western Europe, was feared and reviled by the Spanish and was duly knighted in London.